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Increase your Chinese skills by reading Sanzijing

The San Zi Jing tutorials include ten units, about three minutes per unit. They are suitable for both adults and children, teachers or students at Chinese language middle level. You may use the tutorials to train your listening, speaking, reading abilities. You may download the full edition free with Pingyin and English translation.

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Learn Chinese by Listening Idiom Stories

Learn Chinese by listening idioms stories. It is time to get started listening to Chinese idiom stories with the following 12 amazing units! All the twelve units are FREE. Take a look at the sample video tutorial and PDF textbook. If you want to finish all 12 units, please register free first then to login.

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Learn Chinese language as beginner

The first thing you need to start is to learn Pinyin Chinese拼音, which is a scheme for the Chinese phonetic alphabet. There are simplified Chinese汉语拼音方案 and traditional Chinese 漢語拼音方案. The two video tutorials include 29 pinyin pronunciation and explanation. The learners can imitate and read after the teacher.
This page helps Mandarin speakers, native, semi-native, or non-native, learn Hanyu Pinyin, a Mandarin phonetic transcription system using a modified Latin alphabet. Given that these learners already speak Mandarin, exemplification is prioritized over explanation.

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