Extensive Chinese Reading from Elementary to High Levels

Extensive Chinese Reading from Elementary to High Levels. I would like to recommend a good Yu Wen textbooks for both Chinese teachers and learners. YUWEN Chinese Language textbooks are a series of compulsory curriculum standards textbooks, which have been using by over 100 million Chinese pupils all around China. Yu Wen (Chinese) textbooks are used in China elementary schools from grade 1 to 6 for the ages of six to twelve years old. There are full set audio and video tutorials, very useful sources to Chinese self-learners and teachers.

The textbooks and relevant online courses help you follow your desired pace in learning. Comparing with having a tutor or enrolling in a program, books provide you an avenue for learning at your desired pace and level. If you are serious to learn mandarin, the audio and video complete tutorials and textbooks can be a best way to get started. The beginners may take it slowly at start when you feel pressured and have to abide by some strict schedules for online courses.

Module 1 Extensive Chinese Reading - Elementary Level
Unit 1 金色的草地  - Preview
Unit 2 第三课. 爬天都峰  - Preview
Unit 3 第五课 灰雀  - Preview
Unit 4 第七课 奇怪的大石头  - Preview
Unit 5 对外汉语 风筝  - Preview
Unit 6 对外汉语 秋天的雨  - Preview
Unit 7 Extensive Chinese Reading 花猪  - Preview
Unit 8 Extensive Chinese Reading 蜜蜂  - Preview
Unit 9 Extensive Chinese Reading 玩出了名堂  - Preview
Unit 10 Extensive Chinese Reading 孔子拜师  - Preview
Unit 11 Extensive Chinese Reading 盘古开天地  - Preview
Unit 12 extensive-chinese-reading 赵州桥  - Preview
Unit 13 Extensive Chinese Reading 美丽的小兴安岭  - Preview
Module 2 Extensive Chinese Reading - Middle Level
Unit 1 第六课 爬山虎的脚  - Preview
Unit 2 蟋蟀的住宅  - Preview
Unit 3 第11课 去年的树  - Preview
Unit 4 Extensive Chinese Reading 白鹅  - Preview
Unit 5 对外汉语 触摸春天  - Preview
Unit 6 对外汉语 花的勇气  - Preview
Unit 7 对外汉语 乡下人家  - Preview
Unit 8 第26课 全神贯注  - Preview
Unit 9 第27课 鱼游到了纸上  - Preview
Unit 10 第29课 寓言两则  - Preview
Module 3 Extensive Chinese Reading - High Level
Unit 1 第三课 草虫的村落  - Preview
Unit 2 第五课 天上的街市  - Preview
Unit 3 第六课.白桦  - Preview
Unit 4 第九课 穷人  - Preview
Unit 5 第11课 唯一的听众  - Preview
Unit 6 第13课 只有一个地球  - Preview
Unit 7 第15课 这片土地是神圣的  - Preview
Unit 8 第17课 少年闰土  - Preview
Unit 9 第21课 老人与海鸥  - Preview
Unit 10 第26课 月光曲  - Preview
Unit 11 对外汉语 古诗词三首  - Preview