Chinese Audio Reading

Chinese Audio Reading

Chinese Audio reading is an individual reading activity where Chinese learners read along on our website as they hear a fluent audio playing the Chinese content on an audio recording online. This is an assisting self-study period to help students develop confidence and reading skills to the Chinese passages, essays or stories to save the assistance of the Chinese teachers.

Chinese Audio reading

chinese audio reading

Why use Chinese audio reading?
It helps to build mandarin fluency skills including proper phrasing and expression. The reading following the audio helps students improve sight word recognition, build comprehension. It allows students to hear the standard Chinese tone and pace of a skillful reader. It's a flexible strategy that can be used across content areas.

Chinese audiobooks: Ideas for Parents and Teachers
Audio books are a wonderful way to expose your children to Chinese language, expressive reading, and fantastic stories. Listening to audio books also gives kids the valuable and enjoyable experience of using their own imaginations to visualize the people and places they’re hearing about. Our Chinese audio collection is a good way to listen to Chinese stories without limitations to time and place.

Chinese audio reading helps your child and student listen to the standard Chinese pronunciation. For your child, listening to an audio book is a very different experience from hearing you read a book aloud. In introducing audio books to your child, look for audio books of stories your child has heard you read or tell before. Being familiar with the story will help your child enjoy hearing it from a different reader and become a willing listener. You may listen to the free audio reading before your kid or student dive in.

Choose Chinese audio as your extensive reading materials.
A number of studies have suggested that audio-assisted reading texts facilitate language learning. The Chinese teachers may copy and download and use it in your classrooms, especially for extensive reading activities. In analysis of student preferences, the students with a lower level of proficiency favored text-only materials, whereas the students with a higher level of proficiency favored audio-assisted materials.

How to use Chinese audio reading
The new users need to register account on the website,, then go to “Add Cart”, to continue to check out. Select the free programs (audio reading is free). After you pass the check-out, you will be able to login to the pages to use the audio-assisted reading.

There are three levels of Chinese audio reading, the primary level, the middle level and high level. Choose a reading passage and audio recording of the reading that is slightly above your independent reading levels.

Listen to the audio while following along on the text on the web page.
Please read out loud along with the audio recording. You may start again to read the passage without the audio. Please read and re-read along with the audio until you feel comfortable reading the text unassisted. Please be reminded to watch yourself when you are listening and reading to ensure to follow along accurately. Our audiotapes are created at quality sound, which can also be downloaded and used by Chinese teachers to train your students.

Listen to audio books online together. Chinese Audio-assisted reading is a wonderful shared reading experience and a shared story gives everyone in the family something to talk about. Plus, you can help boost your child’s thinking skills by asking questions about what you’ve listened to or take turns with your child retelling favorite parts of the story.

Module 1 Elementary Level - Chinese Audio-Reading
Unit 1 第二课 金色的草地
Unit 2 第三课,爬天都峰
Unit 3 第五课 灰雀
Unit 4 第七课 奇怪的大石头
Unit 5 第十课风筝
Unit 6 第11课 秋天的雨
Unit 7 第13课 花猪
Unit 8 第14课 蜜蜂
Unit 9 第15课 玩出了名堂
Unit 10 第17课 孔子拜师
Unit 11 第18课 盘古开天地
Unit 12 第19课 赵州桥
Unit 13 第23课 美丽的小兴安岭
Module 2 Middle Level - Chinese Audio-Reading
Unit 1 第六课 爬山虎的脚
Unit 2 第七课 蟋蟀的住宅
Unit 3 第11课 去年的树
Unit 4 第13课 白鹅
Unit 5 第17课 触摸春天
Unit 6 第20课 花的勇气
Unit 7 第21课 乡下人家
Unit 8 第26课 全神贯注
Unit 9 第27课 鱼游到了纸上
Unit 10 第29课 寓言两则
Unit 11 第31课 普罗米修斯
Module 3 High Level - Chinese Audio-Reading
Unit 1 第三课 草虫的村落
Unit 2 五 天上的街市
Unit 3 六.白桦
Unit 4 第九课 穷人
Unit 5 第11课 唯一的听众
Unit 6 第13课 只有一个地球
Unit 7 第15课 这片土地是神圣的
Unit 8 第17课 少年闰土
Unit 9 第21课 老人与海鸥
Unit 10 第26课 月光曲