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This post is to a guide how to choose an Asian style music and where to get the perfect music for your therapy massage,SPA, restaurants, bars and yoga. Leave us a comment and review for the collection of Chinese relaxing music – Guzheng (Zither) 

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Background music is important for  SPA, Restaurants, Yoga
A good SPA should create all the senses of your clients under control, such as, the water temperature, the light intensity, the good smell as well as the sound environment. Music is the perfect accompaniment to achieving a state of relaxation. To choose a good music will let you to more effectively stimulate the senses of your consumers.

What style music best fits to be background music?
The relaxing music is the best fit because people feel relaxed with different types of music. You might have used some background music before. Ambient music is the melody rather than the rhythm, including natural sounds, such as water and birds. The piano music is a suitable instrument to create a style without lyrics.
Jazz musical style born in the black communities, some melodies are chosen to be used as background music too. Some Brazilian style music is formed from samba and influenced by Jazz, accompanied by guitar, which can fit the SPA harmonic background too. The lounge music, with contemporary musical genre, its harmonious, relaxed and quiet style attracts more people to choose as their playlist. At present, I like to propose a Chinese style zither (guzheng) music to become a new playlist as your SPA background music. You may watch the youtube and listen its style here.

Do I have to pay for using Zither music as background music?
You may choose to play music from sources such as radio, TV, CDs or platforms, such as, YouTube or Spotify. But sometimes the ads might interrupt your process of playing. You have to pay a royalty fee to some copyrighted music. Luckily there is a Chinese musical platform that will allow you to use the perfect music in an economical and legal way. 古筝 Guzheng is a 21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument in other name“zither”.

Background Music Introduction of Chinese Guzheng platform is an open source platform of Chinese traditional music Guzheng (zither), owned and operated by Beijing Guozheng Culture and Media Co., Ltd., starting from August 8, 2008. It is a portal website for Guzheng music industry, including Guzheng TV channel, audio collection, video tutorials, artistic training courses, artiest stories, hot music ranking, shows and concerts, Q&A, etc. The TV channel has reached more than 5000 hours play monthly, most of which are completely self-recorded programs. Many professional artiest and experts, such as Jiao Jinhai, Sun Wenyan, Qu Yun and Yan Aihua, work for the network as content consultants, providing various kinds of Chinese zither music. Upto present, the Chinese zither network has thousands of visitors everyday, almost covering the majority of zither users, zither learners, zither teachers, training centers and zither instrumental suppliers.

Three tips to use background music correctly in your business 
The three tips will help you how to use this music correctly to generate a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your complex.

Tip#1: Musical element is part of sensory marketing and it should be perceived lightly and always stay in the background. Based on your multitude of spaces and functions, you may choose and prepare a different playlist to be used at the reception, swimming pools and massage cabins. The majority music to choose is a much softer melody with a very slow rhythm.

Tip#2: Volume should be enough to be perceived; Music is an accompaniment to the main activity that will take place in your SPA process. People should be able to talk comfortably without music prevailing over their voice.

Tip#3: The rhythm of the music should be relaxed in order to achieve your goal of relaxation. You choose more neutral happy music suitable to more taste and delete some type of music which sounds fast and not harmony. Some songs might evoke nostalgic or depressing feelings due to their melancholic melodies.

Here is the Chinese link where you go to download free and custom make your music playlist. If you can not read Chinese, you may use google translation to help you understand the content. If you have any other questions, please be free to let us know. Hopefully the music can help you grow your business. If you want more, we recommend you visit our related articles and videos on how to choose background music for restaurants, bars, yoga, meditation and health healing.

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