Chinese doggerels boost your Mandarin Skills


Chinese doggerels boost your Mandarin Skills

There are 20 popular pieces of Chinese doggerel, common phrase repeated as a jingle; These short slogans, verse with rhythm tune are easily remembered, and often used in Chinese language learning.

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How can the doggerels and jingles help boost your mandarin skills, confidence and pronunciation?

Chinese Sources recently researched how popular song and culture inspire Chinese learning. Common expressions, everyday language, descriptive words and metaphors are all part of the Chinese language and present in all rhythm song lyrics. A song can provide an emotional connection between the music and the listener, providing a learner with new ways to express how they feel. Music and rhythm have also been shown to benefit memorization, which is a key component of learning.

Now you know the benefits of listening to doggerels and jingles in Chinese, here are some samples of our favorite lyrics, doggerel in Chinese Poetry. Our students, both children and adults, love the way lessons are structured, and find out how it has been used throughout the tutoring and class with the help of a variety of funny-reading doggerels.

Let us hear some of our students’ review to the practice of doggerels :

Tom Andersons
I am from US and currently studying business at a China University. I owe my academic success to the doggerels, which enabled me to lead a productive learning life without any language barrier. I believe the improvement in my Chinese pronunciation, made possible by the doggerels and jingles, which is the most valuable asset that I have acquired while learning Chinese.

Catherine Wong
I am a native Chinese language teacher. I find my time to prepare for the online training always tight, so I collected some Chinese doggerels and used it on my tutoring. Some adult students are shy to open their mouth to speak Mandarin because of their accent, sounding a bit funny. I found the situation changed when my students came to practice doggerels. They decided to try and reduce their accent when they speak Mandarin. These jingles are helpful, as good as they claim to be. Of course, our students continue to take advantage of their chances to speak with native Chinese teachers.

Marco Li ( Age 32 / Sales Representative / Pinoy )
I am born and raised in Philippines. My grandfather was Chinese, although part of my GEN has Chinese blood, I could not speak Chinese at teen. ‘Muscle training’ is directly connected to my successful career. I have been working for a French company in Manila providing online telephone services for 5 years. I received some Chinese training before I started my job. However, quite often my customers ask me to repeat what I have said due to my strong accent. I find my Chinese online tutoring is really helpful to me starting from the doggerel practice …

Where to find and how to learn doggerels?
Doggerel is a smart idea to improve your Chinese pronunciation. But it is not easy to create or write doggerels suitable for Chinese language learning. Over time, poets tried to consciously avoid being seen as writers of doggerel. So our teachers invented a free style doggerels and made 20 quality video tutorials as the example shown above. 


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