Chinese Idioms Words Practice 成語接龍训练


Chinese idioms words practice
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成語接龍 is a Chinese word game, where the last word of one idiom 成語|成语 becomes the first of the next. There are two thousand Chinese idioms in our collection A and B with audio practice. 兩千條成語接龍is translated to “A Dragon made of Two thousand connected Chinese Idioms”. They are really compiled from 1,789 4-character Chinese sayings, and each saying’s ending character (word) is the same as the next saying’s beginning character (word), and the last character of the 1,789th idiom is the same as the 1st character of the first idiom. Therefore, the 1,789 idioms are all connected – a total of 7,156 characters – pretty unique indeed!

The words game started in early 2011. A school started a game to encourage students to learn Chinese idioms. So it began initially with 20, then 50, and a 1,000 on Chinese Blog sites, but there are no authors’ names published. Then finally it became a dragon of 2,000 idioms.

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Due to the fact games are fun, most instructors and language learners have a tendency to overlook their methodology value. But, many language professionals declare that games are more than mere time-filling class works; they make the learning process simpler. In addition, we consider that games place an important educational position, and this is why we make good use of them during our General HSK Mandarin and Business Chinese language training online. There are multiple advantages to use games during our skype Chinese lessons.

To start with, games add a welcome diversion from the regular teaching activities. This gives students to warm up and to feel better in their learning environment. What is more, games decrease the students’ pressure and anxiety, thereby improving the learning of language. Certainly, it is verified that students remember things easier and faster when they learn in a comfortable environment. Games help create such an atmosphere. Because games are very pleasing and motivating, they break the ice between the teacher and his or her students. For that reason, they help timid students more courage to show themselves in front of others. Also, games are better methods to make students improve language elements they have already practiced and been exposed to.

For those reasons, we trust that teachers should be enthusiastic about games and use them as a real teaching tool, and not simply to use it when to have a break from more difficult and serious activities. Real learning takes place first and foremost in an ease atmosphere, consequently games should be a vital part of the learning process during your Chinese Skype classes. In conclusion, teachers should value games because they inspire and keep the language fluency. It additionally enables students see the Chinese language as amusing and no longer a difficult course that they are having problems learning and that can seem sometimes a little scaring.


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