Chinese Training Music – Guqin (Zither)

Chinese training music programs are designed for international students outside of China. You will read the brief introduction of the traditional Chinese musical instrument, Guqin, also called guzheng or zither. You will read the benefits to learn guqin , features of Guqin Musical Class. You will also need to prepare the budget for your travel study in China, China visa application, departure preparation and class policies. Please understand for the international students, you will have to join our custom-made group, because your limited time of staying in China will lead to your different time plan and quite difficult to join the local Chinese group class directly. Another reason is you will need English speaking assistants to help you interpret the Chinese class. Be free to send us inquiry here.


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Chinese training Music Class introduction

The Chinese zither, called guqin or guzheng, has existed for over 3,000 years and represents China’s foremost solo musical instrument tradition. In 2003, the music of guqin was proclaimed one of the UNESCO masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. Our Guqin music class is in Shanghai and Fuzhou, opening to learners, individual adults or group students, to help the beginners to learn musical skills and improve self-cultivation. The period per session is two to four weeks. There are 4 hours music class, 2 hours Mandarin courses if you need, plus another 2 hours practice each day from Monday to Friday. There are optional activities outside of the class, such as, China acrobatic show and Porcelains Museum famous for the LongQuan Celadon, which is usually arranged at the weekend. Long Quan town is three hours away from Shanghai by train. This program has a tuition sponsorship opportunity to the international students.

Chinese training music background of Guqin
Guqin, also called Qin or seven-stringed Qin, is a plucked musical instrument usually placed on a table. It is said that the history of gun dates back to the prehistorical times of Fuxi and shennong.

Up to now, there are more than a hundred music scores of guqin, including many titles such as high mountain and flowing water, sunny spring, white snow, a music from gangling and farewell at yang juncture.

In August 1977, when the spacecraft voyager was launched to the wildernesses of space in search of extra-solar intelligence, it brought with it a CD of the guqin music flowing water.

Flowing water is a part of high mountain and flowing water, which originated from a well-known legend in ancient China. Around the 1st century BC, there was once an official called Yu Boya who was a gun music lover as well as a specialist in playing the guqin. One day, when he was playing the Qin at the foot of a mountain, a woodman called Zhong Ziqi was totally carried away by his music. He cried “how high the mountain is!” When Yu Boya was thinking of high mountains while playing the Qin and “what a vast and mighty flow of water!” When flowing water was in the mind of the musician.

Now that all the ambience and feelings of Yu Boya were perfectly understand by Zhong Ziqi through the music, the two became very close friends. Ever since then, Chinese people have referred to congenial friends as zhiyin, literally meaning “knower of the music”.

The voyager, bringing the CD of flowing water with it, also carries the common desire of humankind to find a zhiyin.

In ancient China, the strings of guqin were made of silk, Since the Tang Dynasty, more and more attention has been paid to the manufacture of guqin and all the early models of guqin such as the three-stringed and five-stringed ones were replaced by the adapted seven-stringed version.

It is believed by guqin players that the secret to improvements lies mainly in the cultivation of one’s inner being rather than in one’s skills. Only when one’s inner being reaches a superior realm, can he freely express everything he feels.

AS the pace of life gets faster each day, guqin is not only a facilitator to self-cultivation, but also a way for modern people to relax and adjust the pace of life.
Any area where the melodious sound of guqin is heard and girls in traditional Chinese costumes are seen playing the guqin is a place displaying typical Chinese culture.

In 2003, the music of guqin was proclaimed one of the UNESCO masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

It is easy to start to learn, but will take some time and effortr if you expect to attain proficiency.

Target of learners
– Individual adult who wants to improve self cultivation
– Individual student (Age 18+) who wants to learn musical skills
– Schools organize group students to explore the traditional Chinese culture
– Children and parents family tour to explore ancient history of China

Features of Guqin Musical Class
– Period : 2 – 4 weeks
– Contents :
Guqin class (4hours/day) + Mandarin class (2hour/day)+ Self Practice 2 hours/day = total 8 hours/day
Time table: from Monday to Friday
– Term : Every month
– Ages required : over 18years old, children younger 18 yrs required parents or guardian
– Course levels : Beginning Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level
Minimum students per class: 6 people

Application & FAQ

Story of Guqin Training Center

The Shanghai Guqin training center was founded in 2009 in Shanghai China. Our object is committed to the inheritance and promotion of the traditional Chinese culture, helping the modern people to learn the ancient musical instrument – Guqin skills, exchange of the multi-culture communication internationally. The team of our experienced teachers are the members of Shanghai Guqin Research Association. Some Guqin teachers have more than ten years of teaching experience with honorable performance on various kinds of professional seminars and the large-scale concerts. Our trainings use Chinese language to help the beginners to start from the introductory level to intermediate and advanced levels. There are Mandarin language courses at the same time to help the non-native Chinese learners to understand the rules of Guqin and practice smoothly without difficulty. Join and enjoy our fantastic musical life, beside the learning in the classroom, we shall organize a outdoor classes, study tour in the park. Our guqin Salon will invite Chinese students to practice together with you, to take you into a colorful music life! You will come to make new friends.

How does the class work?

● Do I have to buy a guqin?

The students are free to decide whether to buy a guqin musical instrument or not in Shanghai. The teachers can offer advice and help how and where to buy the instrument. You may choose different quality guqin at different prices ranging from 3000 to 9,000 RMB pc.

● Does the training center offer the renting of guqin?

The guqin can be rented in house. It requires the deposit 3,000 yuan for a period 1 to 3 months. The monthly rent is 200 RMB. The deposit will be refunded after finishing the course.

● Are the course suitable for beginners?

Guqin training is suitable for people who have no music base before. It is easy to start to learn, but will take a long time if you expect to attain proficiency. The more you practice, the better you will improve.

● Is there any limitations to ages?

The ages are required to be over 18 years old; The children below 18 yrs old are required to accompany by their parents or guardians.

● What is the minimum practice time per day? You must practice for one hour or more every day.

◆ How do I get the learning materials?

The learning materials are written internally by the teachers and are provided free of charge to the students.

◆ Are guqin musical instruments ready for the new enrolled students?

Each classroom has ready equipped Guqin for the new students. The students do not have to bring their own to the classes.

◆ Does guqin use similar musical notes on the staff like western countries?

The guqin teaching uses the spectrum that has been passed down from the Tang Dynasty, using the traditional Chinese method, which is different from the western musical notes on the staff. Our Chinese teachers will help you recognize Chinese characters, so you will be able to understand and learn under the guidance of the teacher. The notation and the staff are only used as an aid to the pitch and rhythm.

+ Are the students required to leave nails longer in order to use guqin?

If you are used to use your right hand, you should remain a little round shape nails of your right hand about 1.00 to 1.50 mm longer, especially for thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

Music Track of beginning Course:

The training course will start from the guqin history and its cultural background. The teacher will help students understand the spectrum which has been passed down from the Tang Dynasty, using the traditional Chinese method, which is different from the western musical notes on the staff. Our Chinese teachers will help you recognize Chinese characters, so you will be able to understand and learn under the guidance of the teacher. The teacher will help you to learn to balance your right hand and left hand as well as calm down to a good mood and cultivate yourself.

Songs list of beginning level :

Lyrics of Autumn Wind《秋风词》、 Celestial Being Exercises《仙翁操》、 Wine Mania《酒狂》、 Difficult Military Forts《阳关三叠》

Music Track of the Intermediate Course

Songs of Good Night《良宵引》 Mountains in the Moon 《关山月》、 Curse of the temple《普庵咒》、 Swallows on the sand《平沙落雁》、 Memory of old friends《忆故人》

Music Track of the Advanced Course

Plum Flower《梅花三弄》、 Boat Rowing《欸乃》、 Flowing Water《流水》、 Wisdom Dialogue《渔樵问答》 ______________________

Receipt procedure

Registration fee paid on-line

Invitation letter sent to the applicant

Invoice and necessary information sent to the applicant

Applicant reserves trip flight tickets

Leave for China

Budget for Travel Study in China

Training expenses :


Pick-up fee

Tuition fee (4weeks base)

Dormitory fee Hotel fee and deposit

Visa fee

Micelleneous fee ___________________________

Airport and picking up information

1. immigration Once arriving in Shanghai China, submit passport, a return ticket and a disembarkation card. Fill out a disembarkation card and customs declaration on the cabin before arrival. Notice : an admission letter is mandatory

2. Baggage claim After immigration, check out your baggage on baggage claim area.

3. Custom declaration Box like baggage Mainly checked. No need embarrassed just in case.

4. Final check On going out airport, check if it is your baggage.

5. Move to the pick up site Move to meeting point and find a picket from the training center. ______________________________ Departure preparation


Passport should have more than 6 months validity period from the date of departure. Also, hardcopy of passport pictures must be prepared in case the student wishes to travel or went missing.

E-TICKET · Please check English name on the passport and on E-ticket thoroughly. · Students should have a round trip ticket in order to enter China. Please buy a round trip ticket and check expiry date as well as the date of entry and departure.

Picture Students must prepare at least five 2×2 pictures to be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration.

VISA / MASTER Students need to have international cash card from his/her main bank. (CIRUS recommended) We recommend using cash cards, instead of cash.

Money exchange Students are advised to exchange an approximate amount of 500 dollars into Chinese Yuan for payment and allowance purposes during his/her stay in the country.

Insurance It is strongly recommended for students to obtain insurance before traveling to China.

Electronic devices Students are allowed to use electronic dictionary, MP3 player, laptop, etc. .

Books Students can bring their books to prepare for their own purpose, but not many, and other personal belongings

Clothes Students are advised to bring at least five pairs of clothes, towel, inner wear, socks, running shoes, etc.

Washing kit The training centers do not provide any towels or toiletries. Students can bring their own health and beauty care products for personal hygiene and grooming. Shampoo, soap, etc. can be found easily in China.

Outlet converter In China, voltage is different, so it’s necessary to bring multiple tap and converter.

Glasses/contact lens Glasses and contact lenses are quite expensive in China. Artificial eye drops are not commonly used. Please bring extra pieces.

First-aid medicine Prepare first-aid medicine and medicine for colds depending on yourself.

Sponsorship application

You will watch a video for detailed explanation.

Guqin Training Class

Guqin Training & Performance in Shanghai


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