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Features of the developing competence in Business Chinese course

Developing Competence in Business Chinese is an integrated skills-oriented course consisting of three modules: Reading & Writing, Speaking and Listening. Developing Competence in Business Chinese is specifically designed for users who have already acquired some basic competence in Chinese and yet wish to learn to use it somehow in doing business in the China context. The course is better for self-study learners who have mastered about 800 common Chinese characters, expressions and some basic Chinese grammar.

The developing business Chinese competence courses are designed for people who intend to apply Chinese language in commercial enterprise settings. The highly relevant textbook materials and individualized education are important to business humans when they put together for their commercial enterprise transactions in China.

The business Chinese course carries business situation modules to describe the entire process and every phase of business activities : cultural tip, phrases and expressions, exercise makes best, dialogues, practice activities, practical Chinese. Our videoscripts offer bilingual of Chinese and English versions, to integrate mutual communicative and interactive getting-to-know methods between the instructors and the students, and ultimately to help the students to improve their language levels of business Chinese.

The course will help the learners to acquire a fairly good command of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese as used for business purposes with the following benefits:

1. To help learners to use Chinese practical knowledge in doing business, with emphasis on the appropriate use of Chinese characters, words and expressions and also some of the stylistic peculiarities of business Chinese.

2. To help students acquaint with the business activities, business situations, the role of culture in doing business in China, as well as to improve learners’ overall understanding of the host environment.

3. To help build up the learners’ multiple-cultural communicative skills, the abilities to use Chinese in listening, speaking, reading or writing for business purpose.

4. To enable learners to communicate in Chinese in daily life and business activities effectively and proficiently.

5. To broaden learners’ outlook and enrich their knowledge base of Chinese history and culture so as to help them develop a better understanding to Chinese society, and hence to conduct business with greater success.

Courses Layout and Organization

There are 15 units in each of the three modules. The contents are closely related to the needs of foreign businessmen, covering a full range of topics to help them manage their daily life in China and develop their business in a country not so familiar with.

The Speaking module is made up of
Sentences structure practice
Useful Information.



How to use the Business Chinese videoscript?

1. When the course provides training in listening comprehension, the scripts in the Listening module can also be used as materials for reading and speaking exercises, especially for self-learners, the scripts make your reading easy and pleasant.

2. The learners are suggested to spend minimum two hours to finish one unit. You will be able to finish the course within six weeks if you take 4 to 6 hours per week. Of course, learners can plan your time flexibly.

3. Try your best to finish your learning tasks in an interesting way. The video tutorials are made user-friendly. The learners will find your learning progress gradually encouraging as the course proceeds.

4. The learners can use developing competence course as a preparation for your Business Chinese Test. The BCT targets to test the examinees’ ability to communicate in Chinese, so its important features are practicability and conversation, consisting of two tremendously independent assessments: Listening, reading speaking and writing. The Business Chinese Test is frequently supplied in China in addition to abroad. The learners will find more appropriate BCT-related materials and work around your specific strengths and weaknesses to maximize the chances that you’ll get the high-quality BCT test score feasibly.


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