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What is HSK Test ?
HSK meaning is Chinese Proficiency Test, the abbreviation form is the first letters of three Chinese words Hanyu(Chinese) Shuiping(Proficiency) Kaoshi(Test). HSK is organized through Hanban (HSK bureau). Since 2009, while the new brand Chinese Proficiency Test is started out, there has been a rapid growth in the quantity of HSK candidates because the Chinese language learners maintain on increasing. The global number of HSK applicants reached 310,000 in 2012. Revised in 2009, the new HSK test has shifted the focus from checking out Chinese language skill ability to the evaluation of learners’ ability to use Chinese in conversation. It has made a prime step forward concerning the idea of testing and tailored to the reality of Chinese language coaching in different nations. As a result, it is widely well-accepted, its assessment results getting used to define one’s language competence and taken into consideration a vital criterion for further training or employment. Chinese language learners will benefit from the HSK standard course.

Features of HSK Standard Courses
The HSK test is made up of six levels. Based on the result of our study and analysis, we have summed up the focuses, difficulties, language points, topics, functions and situations for each level book. The specific scope and class hours of each level is defined as above. The above plan provides a clear concept to Chinese Mandarin learners how to distribute their time and energy on the practice of HSK standard courses. Every textbook supported by a workbook of exercises matching the HSK test in an effort to familiarize learners with the question types of HSK, the workbooks at all levels offer the precise same varieties of exercises, organized within the same order and structure also, with the content centered on the precise lesson. In this method, students will get acquainted with HSK by means of using the course books on their own in place of spending extra time in seeking to get used to the form of the test.

Our HSK Test Prep courses are divided into 6 levels in accordance with the ranges of HSK test, the one-to-one HSK Prep courses can be tailor-made in your degree and personal desires. Our expert Chinese language instructors will choose appropriate HSK textbooks and materials and work around your precise strengths and weaknesses to maximize the possibilities that you will obtain the excellent HSK test score.

Learn Mandarin, HSK Standard Course 4 Levels

HSK Level 1. Beginner
This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who have no or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not know basic Chinese words and phrases. You will acquire 150 basic Chinese characters and master the most basic HSK grammar. After completion of the lessons, you will be ready to take HSK test level 1. You can understand and use very simple Chinese words and phrases, and meet the most basic communication needs. The above are some directions and suggestions about the Level 1 course. We may custom make the course flexibly according to the actual teaching situation.

HSK Level 2. Elementary
This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who know some basic Chinese words and phrases but find it difficult to conduct with confidence some routine communication tasks in Chinese. You will acquire 300 Chinese characters and master HSK Level 2 related grammar. After completion of the lessons, you will be ready to take HSK test level 2. You will have an excellent grasp of basic Chinese and can conduct tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

HSK Level 3. Pre-Intermediate
This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who can ask and answer questions and exchange ideas and information on routine topics in predictable everyday situations.You will acquire 600 Chinese characters and master HSK Level 3 related grammar. After completion of the lessons, you will be ready to take HSK test level 3. You can use Chinese to serve the demands of your personal lives, studies and work, and are capable of completing most of the communicative tasks you experience when traveling in China.

HSK Level 4A/B – Intermediate
This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who can communicate with confidence on familiar routine and non-routine matters related to their interests and professional fields although some pauses and mistakes usually happen. You will acquire 1200 Chinese characters and master HSK Level 4 related grammar. After completion of the lessons, you will be ready to take HSK test level 4. You can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and are capable of communicating fluently with native Chinese speakers.



How does the learning work?

Easy System
The users can login our responsive website to get entry to the digital textbook, audio and video that make learning Mandarin language interesting. You could study your lessons anywhere, at any time, on any tool. If you need, you also download the printable dialogues, vocabulary, grammar and practical exercises. The Mandarin Language audio will truly play when you have the option of listening to it at your own comfort.

Students Focused
Students-focused training free of time limitation. Studying Chinese would possibly seem burnt-out but don’t worry, Our classes are open 24 hours 7 days week, which means that you can without difficulty match time into your day. You are going to stick to studying Mandarin whilst it’s far terrific smooth to do. Spend 30 to 50 minutes an afternoon learning Chinese and you’ll discover it rewardable. Our classes are situational and learning in fun!

Speak 1-on-1
We help you train not only your eyes but also your ears. We think that our audio and video lessons mirror the natural method of language acquisition and are the nice way to analyze Mandarin language. Speaking Mandarin Chinese will come clearly to you while you repeatedly hear thrilling phrases and terms in significant contexts. Dull unoriginal textbook phrases simply do not serve you within the actual world.

Chinese Speaking Community
Be a part of our Chinese speaking network. To pick out our Chinese language online course today is to start speaking immediately with our energetic community. Interaction is vital when it comes to education and you may discover numerous sources via interacting and sharing data with fellow students, tutors and native Mandarin speakers. Be part of the community on our online education weblog or our social networks, such as, Youtube, FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Individualized Instruction
The technique of “Individualized training” objectives to deliver customized learning revel in. By analyzing the particular desires and traits of every learner, a Chinese trainer adjusts the pace of coaching based totally at the capacity of every individual and designs the maximum applicable teaching curriculum for every student. Our certified coaching team develops a series of customized Chinese language examine plans and progress reviews for each learner.

Grow your confidence
Grow your confidence and enhance your mandarin talent. Ultimately, our essential intention is to assist you invest in yourself and reach your personal goals with Mandarin language. Join our community who have used our system and practiced Mandarin Chinese with us — we can’t wait to meet you! Sign-up now and start having the Mandarin conversations you want to have. We provide a one month unfastened trial due to the fact we recognize you’ll love learning with us!

Our lessons are open 24 hours 7 days week, which means you can easily fit it into your time. You are going to stick to improving Mandarin while it is tremendous smooth to do. Spend 30 to 50 minutes an afternoon studying Chinese language and you will discover it rewardable. Our trainings are situational and studying can be fun!


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