Travel Mandarin Language Course – Video Script – 16 units 旅游汉语录播课

Travel Mandarin Language Course – Video Script – 16 units 旅游汉语录播课

Travel Mandarin language course integrates linguistic functions into real life scenes and with video script teaching aids, emphasizes listening and speaking skills. Travel Mandarin language tutorials are perfect for Chinese learners at elementary and intermediate levels, and for people who are interested in Chinese culture and customs to study the language on their own. The video script series include digital textbook and 16 units and video tutorials.

Features of Travel Mandarin Language Course
The course provides a panoramic view of real-life scenes in China, with language progressing from the very basic usages to more sophisticated communications. The video tutorials programs take you on a visual trip to more than 20 picturesque tourist spots and historic sites in nine provinces in China. The detailed English instructions provide friendly and encouraging assistance for beginners and self-learners. The rich cultural knowledge and background information blend with authentic and interesting daily Chinese expressions.

Our lessons are open 24 hours 7 days week, which means you can easily fit it into your time. You are going to stick to improving Mandarin while it is tremendous smooth to do. Spend 30 to 50 minutes an afternoon studying Chinese language and you will discover it rewardable. Our trainings are situational and studying can be fun!

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Contents of the course :

Unit 1. Sichuan Cuisine (1)
Unit 2. Sichuan Cuisine (2)
Unit 3. Peking Duck
Unit 4. Hotpot
Unit 5. Night Market
Unit 6. Beijing Snacks
Unit 7. Bars in Sanlitun
Unit 8. Bars in Houhai
Unit 9. Buy clothes
Unit 10. Buy Cloth Shoes
Unit 11. Buy Fruits
Unit 12. Peking University
Unit 13. Second-hand Market
Unit 14. Buy a Chinese Dress
Unit 15. Rent a Car
Unit 16. Tea House


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