How to Choose Ceramic Art Courses?

Discover the art of pottery, ceramics, and painting in Jingdezhen, China. Our courses cater to families, school groups, certificate seekers, couples, and enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Classes run daily, offering hands-on experience with both the potter's wheel and hand-building techniques. Create personalized plates, mugs, vases, and more under the guidance of experienced instructors. Contact us to reserve your spot today!

What to learn in our Ceramic Art Workshop ?

Discover the joy of ceramic art in our workshops, where you'll delve into a diverse array of artistic techniques. From crafting hand-made pottery to mastering Chinese ink-painting on bamboo fans and porcelain, as well as exploring European oil painting, pottery decoration, and sculpture using ceramic, wood, and metal, our workshops offer a rich tapestry of creative exploration. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, our courses cater to all levels of expertise. Unleash your creativity and join us in crafting beautiful and unique works of art.
We extend a warm invitation to artists interested in joining our team as guest teachers and instructors. Kindly submit your application here to be considered for this opportunity.

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How much to pay?

Please send us your inquiry, we shall make an offer based on your number of people and hours of lessons, our offer will also consider your other needs, such as, pick-up time, your budget of hotels and accommodation, so you will receive a package price. Please let us know what courses you like to learn and for what purpose? Do you want to try pottery, sculpting, glazing, or painting? Click the button below to send us your enquiry.


Alan – A high school student
"I finished the hand-made pottery class, and it was amazing! My teacher's expertise and encouragement really helped. With clear instructions and patience, I learned a lot and gained confidence in my creative skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pottery!"

Suzy, a freelancing artist
"Taking the Chinese ink-painting on bamboo fans and jewelry box decoration courses was a delightful experience. As a beginner, I felt intimidated at first, but the warmth and expertise of the instructor quickly made me comfortable. I discovered the beauty of Chinese ink-painting and explored creative jewelry box decoration. Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise!"

How to sign up for a class and make an appointment?

Before making a purchase, please reach out to us at to confirm your available dates. Once confirmed, we will provide you with a comprehensive travel package price that includes pickup services, accommodation, a touring guide, and meals.