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About us

Chinese culture is one of friendliness, love of peace and harmony.

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ChineseSources.org is an educational brand affiliated with Pioneer Media. LLC, registered in US. Since the establishment of 2018, we have been presenting the young and energetic working spirit to encourage participation in the conservation of Chinese cultural heritage, to promote the international understanding of the deep-rooted Chinese fundamental nature, to provide real solutions for helping individuals reach their full potential through Chinese language teaching and artwork skills training.

As a low-profit limited liability company (L3CS), not a typical 501C3 foundation, Chinese Sources is partially dependent on fundraising to operate. Our business idea is custom made to develop and assist most of the Chinese private-owned entities to be able to operate their business profitably. Our goal is not only for China’s heritage and culture to be understood, appreciated and valued, but also to be self-sustainable in future. So Chinese Sources is structured as a hybrid organization, We combine a for-profit entity and a nonprofit into a hybrid structure and establish practical operating businesses that is able to earn money to support our cause.

Chinese Sources offers consultant service to help the international students to come to China to learn the Chinese language and traditional arts. Among the representative list of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity, some are from China, such as, Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese musical instrument -Guqin, Longquan Celadon kilns, Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, Shao Lin Kung Fu (martial arts), Peking opera, the Great Wall, etc. Read more detailed list of the main courses.

Become a Co-Teacher

Chinese Sources provides a free posting platform to the freelance Chinese teachers and educational organizations to publish their various kinds of quality training courses both online and offline. The teachers and organizations will benefit from the paid courses.

Students and Self-learners

You can choose free or paid courses published on ChineseSources.org. The courses include both online and offline, such as, the recorded video tutorials, 1-on-1 live online teaching, group class physically nearby your home suitable for teens and adults. The training courses include Chinese language, Business Chinese, Chinese arts and sports.

Become a Media Partner

Event sponsors have the privilege of participating at the major Chinese events and social medias activities through the platform of ChineseSources.org. Event sponsorships build upon our existing relationships in Chinese networks and grow new ones. Our cost-effective sponsorship plans will increase your brand exposure and maximize your profits.

Web Chief Editor

The website development and contents of ChineseSources.Org are completed by Mr. Sheng. Mr. Sheng is based in Shanghai, China, specializing in website design, contents creation, search engine optimization and social media optimization. He has been engaged in BEC business English Teaching in a Shanghai University and general manager of Heyday Enterprise (Hong Kong) Ltd. for ten years.






中华资源网站开发与网站主编是由盛利先生完成的。盛老师来自上海,专业从事网站设计制作,网页编辑,搜索引擎优化,社交媒体优化。他曾经在上海洋大学从事BEC商务英语教学,在Heyday Enterprise (Hong Kong) Ltd.担任总经理,长达十年以上国际贸易国际商务经验。





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