Introduction of Xia'Men University

Expand your Horizons in Diverse and Beautiful Xia Men.

Historic XMU Campus

The remaining university experience awaits you on the Xia Men University, recognized globally for its excellence in academics and research. Our ranking as top one hundred the various Asian's pleasant universities, in keeping with the arena university ratings. XMU combines the strengths of a massive, dynamic research university with the pleasant experience of a small university, and the historical campus of an incomparable Southern China area. This is your time to develop academically. students are advocated to satisfy with professors and strike up a conversation. Our university's academic sources, together with peer tutors, the expansive research libraries, and the pc labs, will assist you with your mastering wishes.

A Major Tourist Destination

Xia Men is a primary tourist destination with amazing arts, tradition, and beach and ocean adventure all within brief distances of each other. Xia Men has a domestic airport and trains so students can tour within China enormously fast. More than 15,000 college students visit or observe at XMU in the course of the wintry weather and summer season vacations. Be a part of us to be a part of this various scholar populace! Xiamen (Amoy) is one of China's 5 unique financial Zones open to the world. It is a famous, scenic port metropolis typically referred to as the "garden on the sea" and the "Glittering Pearl on the ocean". With its precise neighborhood way of life and exquisite scenery, terrific climate all year round and booming financial system, Xiamen has increasingly more been attracting the attention of the arena.

Location, Language, Climate

Geographical vicinity: located at the South-east coast of China-inside the south-east of Fujian Province, going through Taiwan Island without delay throughout the Taiwan Strait. Xiamen includes Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Islet, Tong'an and the coastal areas north of the Jiulongjiang River. It has a land location of a few 1565 square kilometres, with a sea place of over 300 square kilometres under its jurisdiction.
Language: Xiamen is one of the mainland towns in which Mandarin is generally spoken, and in step with its an increasing number of international repute, many human beings can talk fluently in English.
Climate- Xiamen has a subtropical climate, commonly mild and wet, with a mean annual temperature of about 21℃. Summers are loose from extreme warmth while winters are not harsh. Read more on Wikipedia

Main sightseeing attractions

Foremost sightseeing attractions: Gulangyu Islet, the Jimei university corporations, the Wanshi Botanical garden, Nanputuo Temple, the spherical-the-Island road (the direction of the annual Xiamen global Marathon), and Jinmen-Xiamen sea excursions amongst others.

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Convenient transportation

Xiamen global Airport has direct flights to all main Chinese cities, and to some of international destinations inclusive of Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Penang and Nagoya. Rail-tour from Xiamen to foremost cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an is quite convenient. An expressway network connects Xiamen with surrounding provinces and towns. Public transportation at the island itself in all quite efficient.


the main religions in Xiamen consist of Buddhism, Christianity, each Catholic and Protestant, and Islam. Chinese language national law protects the fans' rights to legal religious activities. Xiamen has some of religious organizations, consisting of the Buddhist association, the Catholic Administrative Committee, the Islamic affiliation, and Chinese language Christian Church.


Currency: The local currency used in Xiamen is the Renminbi (RMB). Foreign Currency Exchange is available in banks and main hotels, at the Passenger Station of Xiamen Port and at Xiamen International Airport.


Xiamen is developing into a worldwide town. Branch stores and stores offering a wide range of merchandise from everywhere in the international make shopping an enjoyable revel in. The principle purchasing regions include Zhongshan avenue, Longtou avenue on Gulangyu Island. Supermarkets run with the aid of Metro and Wal-Mart and the SM shopping center in addition to the many cafes and bars offer the manner to an exciting life styles in Xiamen.

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History of Xia Men University

Xiamen university is founded in 1921, with the aid of Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, a famous, patriotic overseas chinese leader. XMU is located in Xia Men, a coastal metropolis of Southern China in FuJiang province. With its 18 faculties and institutes containing 45 departments, Xiamen University has an excessive-preferred coaching group of workers of 2,213 professors and accomplice professors. There are over forty thousand college students from everywhere in the global, task the undergraduate, grasp and doctoral research in the university. They each enjoy their lives and make first rate progress inside the terrific educational environment in this stunning campus, in which with its powerful teaching workforce and tremendous research facilities. With 3 campuses, Xiamen University covers a complete location of 524.3 hectors. located on the foot of the green mountains, facing the blue sea and encircling Xiamen bay, it's believed to be the most stunning university in main land China. At present, there are students' residential area of over 1.30 million square meters, a library with 3.75 million volumes.

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Chinese language course Xiamen.

Our spring and summer season packages are in the Overseas Education College (OEC) of XMU, founded in 1956, specializing the Chinese language programs for non-native Chinese students. When you consider its establishment, Overseas Education College has enrolled greater than 20,000 overseas online students and over 10,000 foreign students from more than ninety nations and regions.

Autumn semester: September to January, 17-19 weeks

Winter vacation: January to February, 4 weeks

Spring semester: February to June, 17-19 weeks

Third semester: June to July, 5 weeks for current students only.

Summer vacation: July to September, 8 weeks

Summer programs: May to June, 8 weeks; July, 4 weeks

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