Chinese Music Class - Guqin

Story of Guqin

Chinese music, Guqin, has existed for more than three thousand years and praised as China's first traditional solo musical instrument. Portrayed in early scholarly sources and verified by archeological discovers, this antiquated instrument cannot separate from Chinese scholarly history. Guqin was not performed to show to the public, on the contrary, it was played at beginning as popular art by an elite class and followed by noblemen and scholars in private settings. Besides, the Chinese received better education were expected to master four arts, guqin, chess, calligraphy and painting. Guqin was placed as the first art to master. In 2003, the music of guqin was announced one of the UNESCO masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. Click to enjoy the audio.

Benefits to learn Chinese Music - Guqin

Precious Elegant Art

Nowadays, there are fewer than one thousand well-trained guqin players can perform the precious and elegant art.

Self Cultivation

Guqin is not only a facilitator to self-cultivation, but also a way for modern people to relax and adjust the pace of life.

Tuition Support

A partial tuitions support the global students from the sponsors and donators protecting the UNESCO cultural heritage of Humanity.

Chinese Music Class Features

Target of Chinese Music Class

- Individual adult who wants to improve self-cultivation
- Individual student (Age 18+) who wants to learn musical skills
- Schools organize group students to explore the traditional Chinese culture
- Children and parents family tour to explore ancient history of China

Chinese Music Training Center in Shanghai

The Shanghai Guqin training center was founded in 2009 in Shanghai China. Our object is committed to the inheritance and promotion of the traditional Chinese culture, helping the modern people to learn the ancient musical instrument and improve the multi-culture communication. Join and enjoy our fantastic musical life, besides the learning in the classroom, we shall organize an outdoor classes in the park. Our Guqin Salon will invite Chinese students to practice together with you. You will come to make new friends. Click here to explore more active life in Shanghai.

Team of our Experienced Teachers

The team of our experienced teachers are the members of Shanghai Guqin Research Association. Some Guqin teachers have over ten years of teaching experience with honorable performance on various kinds of professional seminars and large-scale concerts. Our classes use Chinese language to help the beginners to start from the introductory level to intermediate and advanced levels. There are Mandarin language courses at the same time to help the non-native Chinese learners to understand the rules of Guqin and practice smoothly without difficulty.

Chinese Music Class Features

- Period : 4 weeks as a minimum
- Contents : Guqin class (4hours/day) + Mandarin class (2hour/day)+ Self Practice 2 hours/day = total 8 hours/day
- Time table: from Monday to Friday
- Term : Every month
- Course levels : Beginning Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level
- Minimum and maximum students per class: 6 people

One Travel Study for Two Courses

It is an exceptional possibility in an effort to research mandarin and improve your Chinese language skills besides the Guqin musical practice. Based totally on the educational philosophy of mastering-by-using-doing, our programs will help you in enhancing your Chinese language abilities with an interactive, student-focused approach. Whilst enjoying the stunning city tour in Shanghai, for a true immersion enjoy, you'll attend China Porcelain Museum tour in LongQuan, Shanghai Acrobatic show and other extracurricular activities.

Chinese Music Class - FAQ

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