Residing at XMU Xiang An Campus

By dwelling on campus, you will be part of our multi-cultural network and will meet new students and broaden friendships with different cultural background. Our on-campus housing is available for all registered home and international students and summer students as well.

Extracurricular activities provide an additional opportunity to study mandarin and improve your Chinese language capabilities and explore more Chinese custom and culture. Our vacation Chinese immersion students are a part of the SMU campus community, and you are endorsed to take part in university events and activities. There are a few famous activities to encompass: artwork exhibits, film nights, live shows, sports, and day campus tours. You will have enough loose time in the evenings and at the weekends to take gain of the SMU sponsored sports, in addition to discover the beauty of Xia men university on your very own.

Covering an area of 243 hectares, the new brand Xiang'an campus offers whole living facilities, like dormitories, library, banks, swimming pool, health club, sports clubs, cafeterias, shops, and so on. The students apartments are within the campus combining 4 bedrooms, four balconies, a sitting room and a toilet, ready equipped with facilities of air-conditioner, wood couch, safe, hot water shower and affordable internet access. There are furnished rooms accommodating two students at a favorable fee of 150 to 300 USD per person. Students are assigned a place there after finishing check-in procedures in OEC.

XMU campus life

Xiamen University Sports Activities

The university hold numerous types of sports activities throughout the year. There are a few huge sports activities consisting of 'Anniversary Cup' Race spherical the university in April, Swimming Game in June and Athletics sports game in November and so forth. Besides, there are 20 more other sports competitions overlaying basketball, soccer, tennis, golfing, bridge, street dance, kickboxing, martial arts, and so on.

Chinese martial arts experience

Chinese language martial revel will be held every Tuesday in font of Fengting cafeteria, which will promote college students' learning and exchanging of Chinese culture, to enhance friendship and in addition create a more diverse culture surroundings in Xiang'an campus.

Sports Clubs

Xiamen international Marathon founded in 2003, held every year on Jan.2nd, one of the maximum influential and worldwide marathon competitions in China. It was awarded as 'IAAF Gold Label Avenue Race' for consecutively six years from 2007.

Dining Halls

There are two dining halls on campus, namely Jingfeng and Fengting. You can enjoy delicious food of different flavors as well as halal food in Jingfeng cafeteria by using e-card.

Open hours (may be adjusted in some occasions)

6:30~13:00, 16:30~19:00

Third floor of Jingfeng: ~22:00

Casseroles:6:30~13:00, 16:30~20:30

xmu library

XMU e-card

XMU e-card is an IC card issued by Xiamen University, combining the functions of student/working card, library card, dining card, etc. With the XMU e-card, you can live and study in XMU easily without taking too much cash or cards. XMU e-card also involves information about your student/working number, name, e-card account, your photo and other personal information, which is useful when entering certain areas or borrowing books.

Library of Xiang An Campus

Self-Copy, Print and Scan Readers can use the Copy, Print and Scan Machine in the library. Fees can be paid by E-card. WIFI You can use the free WIFI of the library with no password.


Xiang'an Campus is positioned in Xiang'an district of Xiamen, with the well-known fragrant Hills Temple in the north, South Xiang'an avenue (both-way and ten lanes) in the south. It's far only 20 mins driving to Dacheng Island, which faces Jingmen Island throughout the ocean. The Taiwan duty-free shopping mall and the battle field Park at the island are broadly reputed. The bus station in front of the campus can connect industrial and transportation centers like Xiang'an Huijing square, Xiamen North Train Station and Siming Campus of Xiamen university. During weekend, there also are direct shuttle buses among Xiang'an and Siming Campus for college students to buy groceries and go shopping.

Picking up service

In case you want us to pick you up at the airport, please fill the service card and send it to us by email in at least one week advance. The OEC driver will charge transportation fee depending on the number of passengers. You may download the pickup service card at:

If coming by taxi, you can tell the driver to go to Overseas Education College in Kunluan Bldg. (主楼二号楼坤銮楼), Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University (厦门大学翔安校区海外教育学院), marked as “A” in XMU map.

Complete living equipments and facilities