Features of the Business Chinese Course

The Developing Competence in Business Chinese course focuses on improving your skills in three main areas: Reading & Writing, Speaking, and Listening. This course is designed for learners who already have some basic knowledge of Chinese and want to apply it in a business context in China. It is particularly suitable for self-study learners who have mastered around 800 common Chinese characters, expressions, and basic grammar. The Business Chinese course is specifically designed for individuals who want to use the Chinese language in a business setting. We provide highly relevant textbook materials and personalized education to help business professionals prepare for their transactions in China.


Benefits of the course include:

  • Learning to use practical Chinese language skills for business purposes, including the appropriate use of characters, words, expressions, and stylistic features of business Chinese.
  • Gaining familiarity with business activities, situations, and the role of culture in doing business in China, enhancing overall understanding of the business environment.
  • Developing cross-cultural communication skills and the ability to use Chinese for business purposes in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Enhancing effective and proficient communication in Chinese for daily life and business activities.
  • Expanding knowledge of Chinese history and culture to better understand Chinese society and conduct business successfully

What to learn?

Each module consists of 15 units that cater to the needs of foreign businessmen, covering a wide range of topics to help them manage daily life and develop their business in an unfamiliar country.

Reading & Writing

The Reading & Writing module includes sections such as Warm-up, Text 1 and Text 2, Vocabulary, Grammar, Task-list, Hands-on Practice, and Further Reading.

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The Speaking module includes Text, Vocabulary, Grammar, Task-list, Sentence Structure Practice, and Useful Information.

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The Listening module provides Model Sentences for Imitation, Language Points, Vocabulary, and Task-list.

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How does the learning work?

Easy platform with resources, dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, exercise, videos
Experienced licensed native Chinese teachers, Real time, Real people!
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Live audio and video using instant messaging tools
Professional native Chinese teachers conduct lessons via skype at your comfort home
1-on-1 Live online instruction, customized at your own level, pace and style
Join our Chinese speaking community, active learners, passionate lively conversation

How to Use the Business Chinese Videoscript?

  • The scripts in the Listening module can also be used for reading and speaking exercises, especially for self-learners who find it helpful and enjoyable to read along with the scripts.
  • It is recommended to dedicate a minimum of two hours to complete one unit. If you study for 4 to 6 hours per week, you can finish the course within six weeks. However, you have the flexibility to plan your learning schedule according to your preferences.
  • Engage with the learning tasks in an interesting way and take advantage of the user-friendly video tutorials. As you progress through the course, you will find your learning experience increasingly encouraging.
  • The course can also serve as preparation for the Business Chinese Test (BCT). The BCT assesses your ability to communicate in Chinese and consists of independent assessments in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The BCT is offered both in China and internationally. You can find additional materials related to the BCT and focus on your specific strengths and weaknesses to maximize your chances of achieving a high score on the test.