Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy

The Chinese name of Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy is called Tao Gong Shu, an educational brand in Jingdezhen that focuses on ceramic-themed courses. It is based in the Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative District, which takes advantage of Jingdezhen's millennium-long ceramic culture and century-old industrial heritage. Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy offers ceramic handicraft courses for adults, young students, and international study groups. They provide year-round courses in ceramic handicrafts, glass art production, porcelain printmaking and engraving, traditional calligraphy, Chinese painting, art tie-dyeing, on-site courses at ceramic museums, and interviews with ceramic intangible cultural heritage inheritors. Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy aims to inspire and guide young people with dreams towards the path of art.

Address :
C6, Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative District,
No. 150 Xinchang West Road, Zhushan District,
Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, China.

Our custom-made programs cater to your schedule and budget

Experience the enchanting world of ceramics at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy. Our custom-made programs cater to your schedule and budget, with options ranging from 5 to 20 days. Led by experienced instructors who teach in both English and Chinese, our Ceramic Experience Classes cover pottery clay, painting, sculpting, and slip casting. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Jingdezhen with our Academic Study of Ceramic Culture program, where you'll explore the historical significance of Blue and White Porcelain and engage in stimulating discussions. Additionally, we offer special experience classes in tea art, glass making, and art tie-dyeing, along with opportunities to meet visiting artists and participate in joyful firing. Upon completion of your chosen program, you'll receive a certificate, recognizing your dedication and achievement. Join us at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy for an unforgettable journey of artistic expression and cultural exploration.

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Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy Programs


Ceramic Experience Class-Pottery Clay


Ceramic Experience Class-Painting


Ceramic Experience-Sculpting

pottery making

Ceramic Experience - Slip Casting


Academic Study of Ceramic Culture

blue and white porcelain

Ceramic Blue and White Porcelain


Ceramic Experience -Joyful Firing

tea art

Special Experience Class-Tea Art

glass art

Special Experience Class-Glass Making

artist white back

Visiting Artists

tie dyeing art

Art Tie-dyeing

made in china

Immersion Chinese Mandarin Class

Ceramic Academy Tour 陶公塾

Custom-made courses based on your time and budget

5 Days Program

10 Days Program

15 Days Program

20 Days Program