What is JDZ Membership?

The JingDeZhen-based organization Chinese Sources caters to a thriving community of nomadic artists and freelancers who have chosen to settle in this historic capital of the Chinese ceramic industry. With the advent of technology, working remotely from almost anywhere in the world has become increasingly feasible, and many people are embracing the freedom and flexibility that a nomadic lifestyle offers. Chinese Sources understands the challenges and opportunities that come with this lifestyle, and is dedicated to helping its members thrive and succeed in their chosen fields in China.


Who can join JDZ Membership??

JDZ membership is open to a diverse range of professionals, including freelance writers, content creators, graphic designers, web developers, digital marketers, English teachers, virtual assistants, photographers, videographers, consultants, software developers, online educators, course creators, and all nomadic artists. By joining JDZ, members gain access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for creativity, innovation, and exploration. JDZ offers resources, guidance, and networking opportunities to help its members settle down smoothly in JingDeZhen and work on the go, wherever their journey takes them.

Benefits of Becoming a JDZ Member

A Freelancer and Nomadic Artist Community

Access to the Shared Arts Studio

Access to the Shared Arts Studio in Historic Downtown JDZ, China: As a JDZ member, you'll have the opportunity to use our equipped ceramic studio, suitable for a variety of art forms, including pottery, painting, sculpture, and more. The studio is open to international artists, from beginners to experienced, and can also be used as your virtual office address in China.

To expand your marketing reach in China.

We assist members in holding monthly seminars and promotional campaigns to expand their marketing reach in China. You can also use our gallery space to display your artworks and start your own guest potter workshop, with our help in recruiting Chinese students to your studio. Our spacious, open-plan layout and extensive collection of tools and pottery wheels make it an ideal workspace for artists of all skill levels.

Discounts on Exclusive Merchandise and Shipping Services:

Discounts on Exclusive Merchandise and Shipping Services: Enjoy exclusive discounts on all merchandise in our ceramic store and save up to 30% on shipping costs when shipping your artwork to customers.

Opportunities to Network with Like-Minded Artists

As a member, you'll have access to our dinner and tea parties, where you can meet and make friends with other artists who share similar interests. Enjoy our home-cooked seasonal buffet style lunch (for over 12 people) or homemade sweet treats during our Afternoon Tea Package.

Assistance with Accommodation and Transfers

We help our members find accommodation in JingDeZhen at an affordable rate, with room rates starting from as low as 350 USD monthly. Our studio is located in a beautiful ceramic park, with plenty of nearby towns and villages offering a range of accommodation options. We also arrange transfers to and from your accommodation to the studio during your stay.

Affordable way to access all the best information and tools

Joining the JDZ Membership program is an affordable way to access all the best information and tools to help you pursue your passion for ceramic arts and succeed as a ceramic artist. With a membership fee of just 200 US dollars a year, it's a great value for freelancers and nomadic artists looking to expand their network and work in a supportive community in China.

Before you commit to becoming a JDZ member of ChineseSources.Org, take some time to carefully consider the potential benefits and drawbacks, and seek advice from current members to better understand what the experience entails.

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