Practical Chinese Grammar

Unlock the secrets of modern Chinese grammar with "Practical Chinese Grammar: Your Essential Tutorial for Mastering Chinese." This comprehensive Chinese-English bilingual primer offers a concise and accessible explanation of fundamental grammar rules. Whether you're a student or a teacher of Chinese, this tutorial is your ultimate resource.

Discover the power of clear examples and informative tables that illuminate the classification and functions of words, phrases, and sentences. You'll find yourself equipped with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of Chinese grammar. Engaging exercises in various formats are included, ensuring a seamless self-study experience. Plus, with an answer key provided at the end of the book, you can easily assess your progress.

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What sets this tutorial apart is its emphasis on addressing common obstacles encountered by non-native speakers. We provide specific notes on the usage of these challenging grammatical points, allowing you to overcome linguistic hurdles with confidence.

Chinese is not just a language; it represents the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese Han nationality. With over 90% of China's population identifying as Han, learning Chinese opens doors to a vibrant society. Additionally, Chinese is a widely spoken language globally, with a history that spans millennia. Embrace this remarkable language and join the ranks of those who have conquered its intricacies.


Within this tutorial, we focus on modern Chinese, commonly known as "putonghua" or the "common language." This variant adopts the Beijing speech sounds as its standard pronunciation, with the Northern dialects serving as its foundation. Drawing from standard modern vernacular literature, our tutorial provides a reliable grammatical model to guide your linguistic journey.


Grammar is the backbone of any language, and mastering Chinese grammar is essential for non-native speakers. Before achieving fluency in sentence construction and word usage, it is crucial to develop a solid understanding of its unique grammar characteristics. Alongside pronunciation, Chinese characters, and vocabulary, this tutorial empowers you to unravel the intricacies of Chinese grammar.

Contents of Chinese Grammar

Module 1 导学 Tutorials introduction-
Unit 1 Chinese grammar introduction
Module 2 词类 Parts of Speech-
Unit 1 词 Words
Unit 2 词的分类 Classification of Words
Unit 3 词的兼类 Conversion of parts of speech
Unit 4 名词 Nouns
Unit 5 动词 Verbs
Unit 6 助动词Auxiliary verbs
Unit 7 形容词Adjectives
Unit 8 数词Numerals
Unit 9 量词Measure words
Unit 10 代词Pronouns
Unit 11 副词 Adverbs
Unit 12 介词 Prepositions
Unit 13 连词Conjunctions
Unit 14 助词Particles
Unit 15 叹词Interjections
Unit 16 象声词Onomatopes
Unit 17 Table 1.Relationships Between the Parts of Speech and the Elements of a Sentence
Module 3 词组 Phrases-
Unit 1 詞组 Phrases
Unit 2 词组的种类 Classification of phrases
Unit 3 词组的分类 The basis for classifying phrases
Unit 4 联合词组The coordinative phrase
Unit 5 主谓词组The Subject-Predicate phrase
Unit 6 动宾词组The Verb Object phrase
Unit 7 偏正词组The endocentric phrase
Unit 8 数量词组The Numeral-Measure word phrase
Unit 9 补充词组The complementary phrase
Unit 10 方位词组The phrase of locality
Unit 11 同位词组The appositive phrase
Unit 12 固定词组The set phrase
Unit 13 介词结构The prepositional phrase
Unit 14 的”字结构 The 的-phrase
Unit 15 Table 2.Phrases and Their Functions
Module 4 句子成分 Sentence Elements-
Unit 1 主语The subject
Unit 2 谓语 The predicate
Unit 3 宾语 The object
Unit 4 定语 The attributive
Unit 5 状语 The adverbial adjuncts
Unit 6 补语 Complements
Unit 7 Table 3. Relationships of Different Parts of Speech and Phrases with Complements of Different Kinds
Module 5 单句 The Simple Sentence-
Unit 1 什么是句子 Definition
Unit 2 单句的基本结构 The basic structure of the simple sentence
Unit 3 单句的用途 Functions of the simple sentence
Unit 4 句子的类别 The classification of sentences is shown in the following diagram
Unit 5 按结构分类 Classification of sentences in terms of structure
Unit 6 动词谓语句 Sentences with verbal predicates
Unit 7 形容词谓语句Sentences with adjectival predicates
Unit 8 名词谓语句 Sentences with nominal predicates
Unit 9 主谓谓语 The sentence with an S-P phrase as the predicate
Unit 10 无主句The subject-less sentence
Unit 11 独语句The one-word/phrase sentence
Unit 12 简略句The elliptical sentence
Unit 13 陈述句 The declarative sentence
Unit 14 疑问句 The interrogative sentence
Unit 15 祈使句The imperative sentence
Unit 16 感叹句 The exclamatory sentence
Module 6 动作的状态 Aspects of an Action-
Unit 1 什么是动作的状态 Definition
Unit 2 常见的几种动作状态 Common ways to indicate the aspect of an action
Unit 3 动作的进行态 The progressive aspect of an action
Unit 4 动作的持续态The continuous aspect of an action
Unit 5 动作的完成态The perfect aspect of an action
Unit 6 动作的变化态 The changing aspect of an action
Unit 7 动作的经历态 Actions as past experience
Module 7 特殊的动词 Sentences with Special Verbal Predicates-
Unit 1 “是”字句 The 是-sentence
Unit 2 有”字句 The 有-sentence
Unit 3 “把”字句 The 把-sentence
Unit 4 “被”字句 The 被-sentence
Unit 5 连动句 Sentences with verbal constructions in series
Unit 6 兼语句 Pivotal sentences
Unit 7 存现句 Existential sentences
Module 8 表示比较的方法 Ways of Expressing Comparison-
Unit 1 Using 比 to express comparison
Unit 2 Using 跟 to express comparison
Unit 3 Using 有 to express comparison
Unit 4 Using 像 to express comparison
Unit 5 Using 不如 to express comparison
Unit 6 Using 越来越 to express comparison
Module 9 表示强调的方法 Ways of Expressing Emphasis-
Unit 1 用疑问代词表示强调 Using interrogative pronouns to express emphasis
Unit 2 Using “连……都 to express emphasis
Unit 3 Using the adverb 是 to express emphasis
Unit 4 Using the adverb 就 to express emphasis
Unit 5 Using double negation to express emphasis
Unit 6 Using 是的 to express emphasis
Module 10 复句 Complex Sentences-
Unit 1 什么是复句 Definition
Unit 2 复句的特点 Grammatical features
Unit 3 复句的种类 Types of complex sentences
Unit 4 并列复句 Coordinate complex sentences
Unit 5 并列复句和关联词 Coordinate complex sentences and correlatives
Unit 6 偏正复句 Subordinate complex sentences
Unit 7 偏正复句和关联词 Subordinate complex sentences and the correlatives
Unit 8 紧缩句 The contracted sentence

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