Increase your Chinese Skills by reading San Zi Jing

Increase your Chinese Skills by reading San Zi Jing
The San Zi Jing (三字经) is also known as the Three Character Classic. It has been used not only to learn Chinese culture but also to improve your Chinese language level. Here is a sample video to show you part of the textbook. You may download the full edition free with Pingyin and English translation at the link below. 

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Increase your Chinese skills by reading《三字经》《 sān zì jīnɡ 》
“Three Character Classic” Full Edition with Pinyin and English Translation
The Three Character Classic, Trimetric Classic or San Zi Jing is one of the Chinese classic texts. It was probably written in the 13th century and attributed to Wang Yinglin (王應麟, 1223–1296). Here is a short sample, Elementary Chinese, Three Character Classic translated by Herbert A. Giles (Shanghai, 1910)

rén zhī chū , xìnɡ běn shàn 。
人 之 初 , 性 本 善 。
Men at their birth are naturally good.

xìnɡ xiānɡ jìn , xí xiānɡ yuǎn 。
性 相 近 , 习 相 远 。
Their natures are much the same; their habits become widely different.

Here is a sample tutorial youtube link 



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