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Introduction to ChineseSources.Org

Chinese Sources is a non-profit organization, an open-source platform to provide free postings of Chinese language courses, Chinese arts training, Chinese sports training, travel studies in China, Chinese cultural activities, business events and cooperation. Our mission is to build a bridge to help freelance teachers, students, self-learners, sponsors, business vendors and educational organizations to connect each other. Read more…

Courses & Programs Category

1 courses
Chinese courses online tutorials 50%

HSK test prep course HSK汉语备考课程
Travel Mandarin course 旅游汉语
Chinese courses for teens 青少年基础汉语
Business Chinese Course for Adults 成人商务汉语
Survival Mandarin for Adults生存汉语

Chinese Coaching Online 1-to-1 live tutoring 10%

HSK test prep course HSK汉语备考课程
Travel Mandarin course 旅游汉语
Chinese courses for teens 青少年基础汉语
Business Chinese Course for Adults 成人商务汉语
Survival Mandarin for Adults生存汉语

Offline Chinese Classes | Summer Programs 20%

Certificate Programs in China 中文证书课程
Degree Programs in China 中文学历课程
Summer Programs in China 中文暑期课程
Spring programs in China 中文春季课程
Martial Arts Programs in China 中华武术培训
Traditional Chinese Music Class 中华传统音乐课程
Business Chinese Course for Adults 成人商务汉语
Survival Mandarin for Adults生存汉语
Traditional Chinese Medicine 中医按摩针灸培训

Offline Social Impact Activities| Travel Study 20%

China Panda protection activity 中国大熊猫野生动物保护
Cultural Tour in Beijing 北京文化之旅
Explore China Silk Road 中国丝绸之路探险
Explore the Hometown of China Pottery 探索中国陶瓷之都
China Great Wall Hiking 中国长城徒步之旅

3 english blog

Chinese Sources Blog Category

Business in China 10%
China Educational Market 25%
Chinese Culture Arts Festivals 10%
Learn Chinese Online 30%
Sports & Events in China 10%
Travel to China 15%

Target Audience of Chinese Sources

Parents being interested in Chinese culture 40%
Working Adult – Self-learners 25%
Students at Schools20%
Digital Marketers 10%
Teachers and School Administrators 5%

2 audience percentage
number of students

Global Students Percentage of the Countries:

Based on the statistics of global students studying in China in 2018:
India 8%
Russia 7%
Laos 5%
Japan 5%

4 social medias

Blog Posts Percentage shared on Social Medias

Weibo.com 20%
Baidu 10%
Sohu.com 5%
Google 20%
Youtube 20%
Facebook 15%
Tumblr VK Linkedin 10%

– Media Partner Opportunities and Rewards to Sponsor –
2021 Four Sponsorship Plans

Online Tutorials Plan


  • US$50 – Give one student membership to access to any courses for 12 months. The online recorded tutorials are open 24 hours. Students can choose the right level Chinese courses based on their needs, such as, HSK test prep course, Travel Mandarin, Business Chinese and Survival Mandarin courses, etc.

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Teachers’ Plan


  • US$400 – Support one Chinese teacher to work and create one set Chinese courses and video tutorials to be freely open on the platform of ChineseSources.org for the global students to learn online. The Chinese courses contents include HSK test prep course, Travel Mandarin, Business Chinese and Survival Mandarin courses, etc.

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Online Tutoring Plan


  • US$ 1200 – Give one student six months 1-on-1 tutoring with live Chinese language teacher. The time to spend on the tutoring is four hours per week, 16 hours per month. The students will get the live tutoring for 6 months. The teacher will schedule appointment with the student and choose the right level Chinese courses.

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Social Impact Activities


  • US$2,000 – Support one international student come to China and take part in one of the social impact activities for a period of two weeks every summer. We shall put the 10 students to a group for a travel study to experience the traditional Chinese culture, such as, the martial arts program or Chinese Calligraphy class or Pottery museum tour.

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Media Partner Opportunities

The amount you give is completely up to you. You may consider the donation for one whole program or part of the programs. The following are some rewards and options to consider when considering our sponsorship request:
– Your organization name, description, and logo banner on the homepage of the website ChineseSources.org;
– Your organization name, description and logo banner on our marketing materials and at right hand side of blog page; The sponsors ads banner is linked to your website and China social medias. The post ranking of the paid sponsor is in the front priority list.
– Your organization name and logo on marketing materials, such as, T-shirts, travel bags, standing banners in the social activities.
– The sponsors will have a highlight exposure at top ranking, when you use the ChineseSources.org blog platform to post your articles and videos, which will draw more readers’ attention, traffic flow. There is embedded form submission to help you collect some potential users, functions of documents downloading, slides show, audio/video tutorials storage. We help you solve the technical issues to display your videos smoothly on China server.
– The ChineseSources.org staff provide video editing and Chinese voice services; we also help you translate English contents to Chinese language.
– The international students from ten countries received your donation support will share their tour, photos, videos and experiences on both Chinese and global social medias.
– After we receive your idea to sponsor our programs and the budget amount, we will send you the sponsorship WORKSHEET to give you more details how we shall spend the money on the coming programs,such as,tuition, books, health insurance, transportation, hotels and food. We shall also send you the event time and how much costs to cover the teachers and students’ expenses.

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Inquiry for Sponsorship

If your organization would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please contact me with the amount of your donation. Please give us an email to contact us with any additional questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Media Partner Opportunities and Rewards to Sponsor :

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