Survival Mandarin Video Tutorials

These recorded tutorials in survival Mandarin consist of ten units specially designed to help you prepare for your trip to China in just ten days. The tutorials are free and intended for self-learners who can complete them within the given time frame.

By simply pressing the play button, you can watch native Mandarin speakers engage in conversations on various topics. You have the flexibility to pause, rewind, or replay the dialogues whenever you want. Choose this free tutorials, you can seamlessly continue your progress without any interruptions.

This Chinese course is taught in English, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of learning at home or on the go. Let these ten days of tutorials be your comprehensive language learning guide every step of the way.

Welcome to this new way of experiencing the Teach Yourself Chinese Mandarin, one that integrates vital listening exercises and convenient features. You will find ten high frequency topics in the travel situations :

Ten high frequency topics in the travel situations

Day 1: Getting acquainted with peoplel

Day 2: Meeting new people

Day 3: Exchanging information

Day 4: Requesting telephone numbers

Day 5: Enjoying a drink

Day 6: Having a meal

Day 7: Making a room reservation

Day 8: Making a table reservation

Day 9: Asking for directions

Day 10: Visiting a local attraction

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