TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue 

TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue is located in the dowhtown of Jingdezhen China. It officially opened in October 2016 and is centered around the original Universe Porcelain Factory. Through structural renovation and vitality rejuvenation, it integrates traditional, fashionable, artistic, and high-tech elements. It has become a successful example of industrial heritage transformation and the development and upgrading of cultural and creative industries. It is a new cultural landmark and urban calling card of Jingdezhen. In December 2020, it was named a "National-Level Cultural Industry Demonstration Park." The foreign name for TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue is TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue. It is classified as an AAAA-level tourist attraction.

What attractions of TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue?

China's first creative park with a focus on ceramic culture

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TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue a large industrial cluster

TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue in Jingdezhen has successfully formed a large-scale industrial cluster, incubating, nurturing, and cultivating cultural and creative industries, attracting a large number of young people who have moved to the area. You may encounter groups of young people gathering in coffee shops to discuss cooperation and investment. Like other creative industry parks in China, they have emerged rapidly. The basic approach is similar, transforming and redesigning old factory buildings, introducing cultural and creative industries to attract young people and revitalize the old buildings. Jingdezhen's TaoXiChuan not only preserves historical heritage and urban memory but also has economic value. For cities with industrial heritage, the demonstration significance of TaoXiChuan is extremely precious.

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Diverse Functions at TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue

TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue offers diverse functions, including commercial trade, hotel and catering, cultural creativity, art exchanges, exhibitions and expositions, cultural tourism, and leisure entertainment. The space in TaoXiChuan includes a creative market, offline shopping malls, online flagship stores, lecture halls, and pioneer spaces. It has attracted a total of 15,000 young entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the country, creating a strong impact in Jiangxi and even nationwide.

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Ceramic cultural landmark of Jingdezhen

TaoXiChuan Ceramic Art Avenue is China's first creative park with a focus on ceramic culture. In the past, TaoXiChuan in Jingdezhen was the factory of the Universe Porcelain Factory, retaining a strong industrial atmosphere. After creative transformation, it has become a culturally rich creative district. The nostalgic old factory buildings have now become restaurants, galleries, cafes, studios, boutiques, leisure theaters, museums, commercial streets, and themed inns, combining the old and the modern, creating a spiritual home for art and creativity enthusiasts. Through cultural integration, TaoXiChuan has successfully transformed industrial heritage and has become a new cultural landmark of Jingdezhen.

Visitors' Testimonials

5 stars - Excellent
This place is really, really artistic. I highly recommend it to everyone who visits Jingdezhen. It's perfect for taking photos, and every picture you take here looks like a masterpiece. Even casually strolling around at night is an amazing experience. 

There are so many cute stalls here. It's dazzling to walk around, and I ended up buying two adorable little spoons. I arrived late today, and some shops were already closing. I'll come earlier tomorrow to explore more.

It's a very artistic and trendy place. I've been here twice, and it has a different vibe during the day and at night. There are many cozy coffee shops.Jingdezhen is a historical and cultural city known as the Porcelain Capital. TaoXiChuan Creative Park a new cultural landmark in Jingdezhen.

Accommodation options at various price ranges

TaoXiChuan Creative Street offers accommodation options at various price ranges. From budget youth hostels like Tao Apartment starting at 60 yuan to luxury star hotels priced at 500 yuan, it caters to different levels of travelers' budgets. For example, TaoXiChuan Guomao Hotel has prices starting at 500 yuan and features a renovated traditional industrial style. Across the road from TaoXiChuan is the newly built Hyatt and Jiaxuan Hotels, which have a strong design aesthetic but are relatively expensive. TaoXiChuan Grand Theater is also located here, becoming a cultural landmark in Jingdezhen and a popular spot for social media check-ins.

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