Teen Chinese Winter Camp

Our winter camp is located at Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy, which is situated in the Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative Park. This park is a renowned symbol of Jingdezhen's thousand-year ceramic culture and industrial heritage. At the academy, we offer a variety of courses focused on ceramics, Chinese culture, and art. Our curriculum includes ceramic handicrafts, glass art, porcelain printmaking, traditional calligraphy, Chinese painting, art tie-dyeing, museum visits, and interviews with ceramic heritage experts. Through our winter camp, we aim to inspire and guide young students who dream of pursuing art. Additionally, we can customize the camp to suit the interests and requirements of teenage students and those interested in travel studies.

Address :
C6, Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative District,
No. 150 Xinchang West Road, Zhushan District,
Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, China.

Key Information for Your Winter Camp

  1. Capacity: Our classes accommodate 10-15 students, with a total group size of 20-30 individuals including parents. Small families can join together to meet the minimum group size of 10.
  2. 2023 Winter Camp Time: Choose from 7-day or 14-day sessions running from Dec. 15, 2024, to Jan. 7, 2024. Customize the program or select from our standard options.
  3. Accommodation and Cost: Visit this link for accommodation options and costs in Jingdezhen, suitable for winter camp students planning their stay.
  4. Attractions in Jingdezhen: Experience cultural wonders and historical sites by exploring Jingdezhen's Journey Attractions. Click here for an exciting adventure.
  5. Visa Preparation: Prepare for your China trip smoothly with detailed information on visa application and trip preparation. Click here for guidance.
  6. Winter Camp Itinerary and Tuition: Check out the travel itinerary, curriculum, and tuition details. Choose from various courses, and parents can also explore other attractions during the camp.
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ceramic painting

Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy Programs


Ceramic Experience Class-Pottery Clay


Ceramic Experience Class-Painting


Ceramic Experience-Sculpting

pottery making

Ceramic Experience - Slip Casting


Academic Study of Ceramic Culture

blue and white porcelain

Ceramic Blue and White Porcelain


Ceramic Experience -Joyful Firing

tea art

Special Experience Class-Tea Art

glass art

Special Experience Class-Glass Making

artist white back

Visiting Artists

tie dyeing art

Art Tie-dyeing

made in china

Immersion Chinese Mandarin Class

Frequently Asked Questions


Student's Testimonial:
"The Jingdezhen ceramic camp was a truly unforgettable experience. I learned so much about ceramics and created beautiful pieces. The cultural activities were amazing too. Highly recommended!" 

Mother's Testimonial:
"The Jingdezhen ceramic camp exceeded my expectations. My child learned and grew so much during their time there. The organizers were fantastic, and the cultural immersion was eye-opening. I'm grateful for this opportunity."

Team Leader's Testimonial:
"Leading a group to the Jingdezhen ceramic camp was a rewarding experience. The organizers were professional, and the students had an incredible time learning ceramics and immersing in Chinese culture. Highly recommended for other team leaders!"

Apply now for our Teen Winter camp in Jingdezhen, China, and embark on a transformative journey that will fully immerse you in the vibrant ceramic culture. Whether you have a passion for ceramics, language learning, or cultural exchange, our program provides a supportive community, comprehensive resources, and expert guidance to help you thrive in Jingdezhen and achieve your goals. With customizable courses, affordable living costs, and the opportunity to explore cities like Shanghai and Hangzhou, this winter camp experience guarantees to broaden your horizons, cultivate valuable skills, and create lifelong memories. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.