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Travel Chinese Lessons

Traveling abroad, whether for business or pleasure, is a wonderful way to expand your horizons. Being able to experience other cultures first-hand is a valuable experience that adds an extra dimension to your outlook on life. 

Chinese Lessons for Touring Business

Besides being exposed to new sights and new food, foreign travel also gives you the chance to communicate in another language. China and Taiwan are great places to practice your Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin for Tourism

Mandarin courses for tourism provide high quality Mandarin to individuals or business people. We have an established network of native speaker Mandarin trainers with a professional background in the tourism industry.

Mandarin Tourism Course

We will work with you to deliver our best Mandarin tourism course for your needs, based on your objectives, time, language level and budget.

Goals of Business and Tourism Mandarin Course

A Career Path Developing in Business

Basic Mandarin for Business and Tourism course is ideal for business, tourism and hospitality adults who wish to advance to an intermediate level of Chinese with a focus on the travel and hospitality industries. Business Chinese language skills are in great demand around Asia when more Chinese businesses and organizations expand their global business operations and need to hire local professionals who can speak English, or local native language, plus basic Mandarin. This course will be of great interest to all learners who would like to develop a career path in the Chinese tourism and hospitality industries, which requires basic Chinese language skills.

Incredibly Valued Mandarin Bilingual Capability

Because the number of Chinese tourists to Europe and America is hovering, traveling businesses are an increasing lure trying to attract this fantastically moneymaking target market. As a result, having Mandarin-language capabilities is incredibly valued within the tourism industry and is important to cater to Chinese traffic. From supporting on-site visitors from China to getting ready promotional materials to reach out to Chinese vacationers, our classes will offer you with the tools and information you want to attract and help Mandarin-speaking tourists. Our Mandarin courses are fully tailor-made to the precise needs of tourism specialists. whether or not you're new or a working professional, you may study and exercise the specific Mandarin skills had to excel on your process.

What will you learn from our Mandarin course?

Mandarin Communication Proficiency

In this fundamental Mandarin for business and Tourism course, you may be brought to conversational vocabulary and dialogues to help you study Chinese language skills in the areas of business and travel. You may pay attention to dialogues about job interviews and a way to ask and answer interview questions in Mandarin. You'll additionally learn critical and beneficial vocabulary while making business phone calls. You will find out the significance of small talk when starting up and forming business relationships and how to differentiate among colloquial and formal Chinese. You will also learn betters ways how to make a room reservation, reserve a seat in a restaurant and use various kinds of transportation when traveling.

Cross Compounded Mandarin with Business

This course introduces the Chinese vocabulary necessary for operating at a hotel reception, front desk or restaurants. The courses assist you how to communicate with potential clients for the duration of enquiries as well as how to make a room reservation for guests. This course teaches the Mandarin necessary for working in restaurants in touring regions or hotels. It explains how to take purchaser orders and offers key Chinese expressions for each step of food service. The course will also show the working situation in traveling inquiry offices including how to provide directions, apprehend guidebooks and write press releases. The Chinese needed for accomplishing guided tours is likewise described.

Content of Business and Tourism Mandarin Course

  • Precise vocabulary around vacations, sightseeing, accommodation and methods of tour
  • Conducting guided tours in Chinese; planning tour commentaries
  • Build confidence in dealing with Chinese visitors and organizations
  • Develop Chinese cultural awareness
  • Writing Chinese articles, brochures, blog posts and advertisements
  • Developing your Chinese language in complaints, meeting, enquiries, planning and negotiating, most settings of business operation

   After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe Chinese vocabulary used in job interviews;
  2. Describe how to make a business phone call in Chinese;
  3. Describe small talk in a situation to be used;
  4. List Chinese vocabulary about sending letters and postcards;
  5. Describe a way to order in a restaurant;
  6. Describe how to make a room reservation;
  7. Engage in primary conversations while meeting people in social settings;
  8. Speak optimistically with Chinese people;
  9. How to meet and greet Chinese people;
  10. Make proposals, requests and offers;
  11. Talk about your hobbies and leisure in your spare time;
  12. Give opinions on various topics and subjects;
  13. Answer customer requests in a restaurant in Mandarin;
  14. Suggest and describe dishes on the menu using Mandarin;
  15. Understand the function of traveling information offices and their personnel;
  16. Provide an explanation for guided tour itineraries using Mandarin;
  17. Take a guided excursion reserving from clients politely using indirect questions;
  18. Give specific and diffused directions in a guided excursion commentary;
  19. Efficiently answer the enquiries of potential hotel clients;
  20. Make a room reservation for guests utilizing the best Chinese vocabulary and terminology;
  21. Understand and use the right Chinese language phrases for check-in and check-out;
  22. Resolve customer complaints with helpful and non-offensive Chinese language terms.


One way to show your Mandarin ability to learn and achieve high results is to pass this assessment and reach score 80%. To successfully complete a course, you must score 80% or higher in each course assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by purchasing an official Summer Certificate program in Xia Men University. Having an official certificate is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It is ideal to include it with your CVs, job applications and portfolios. For more detailed information of the certificate program, Please Click Here.

completion certificate

Why Choose Our Training?

Certificate Opportunity

The business tourism Mandarin course is a preparatory training, appropriate for working adults who intend to take an examination for Chinese certificate. You're given the opportunity to practice the usage of Chinese language which you have obtained at seminars, on line course and communicative practice activities.

Tailor-Made Course

Whether or not you're new to the line or are a working professional, you will study and exercise the specific Chinese language skills required to excel in your everyday practice. Our experienced instructors focus on the specific vocabulary and grammar depending on your goals. Our on-line guides are tailor-made for students to increase their capability in the business and tourism industry, at different levels from beginning to advanced.

Blended Learning Solution

We are able to work with you to deliver the standard business and tourism Mandarin course for your wishes, primarily based to your lesson targets, expected end goals, time available, learning style, level and range of budget. You could combine face-to-face tutoring with online and mixed learning solutions. We promote a laugh and energetic studying environment where you may broaden your competencies and make new Chinese friends.

New Job Opportunity

Your Chinese network will continuously be growing. Making more friends will help you recognize the globe better, and it will assist you find new job opportunities in the future! Tourism is a growing business industry with numerous jobs. You will have many opportunities to research more, meet classmates and teachers, switch your job, tour to new places, continue to improve Chinese, get promotions and earn more money.

How does the learning work?

Easy platform with resources, dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, exercise, videos
Professional native Chinese teachers conduct lessons via skype at your comfort home
Experienced licensed native Chinese teachers, Real time, Real people!
1-on-1 Live online instruction, customized at your own level, pace and style
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Live audio and video using instant messaging tools
Join our Chinese speaking community, active learners, passionate lively conversation

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You will learn technical vocabulary and specific lexis unique to the tourism industry


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