Practical Chinese Conversations for Travel Situations

When traveling in China, it can be frustrating and confusing if you cannot effectively communicate. These practical Chinese conversation tutorials are designed to help you overcome the most common difficulties you may encounter during your trip. By covering the essential language needed in various situations, Chinese for Tourism is an essential resource, particularly when you are arranging the tour on your own. We hope that these tutorials will assist you in learning Mandarin.

Within the practical Chinese conversation tutorials, you will discover 17 topics specifically tailored to travel situations. These topics are intended to prepare you linguistically before your journey to China. Welcome to a new way of experiencing Teach Yourself Chinese Mandarin, which combines the familiarity of an e-book with crucial listening exercises and convenient features. The tutorials cover seventeen frequently encountered travel topics.

travel in chinese

Travel in Chinese

Simply press the play button to watch native speakers engaging in conversations related to the aforementioned topics. You have the flexibility to pause, rewind, or replay the dialogue whenever you need. Additionally, since the tutorial is part of the e-book, you can seamlessly continue your progress without any interruptions.

Enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive language course from the comfort of your home or while on the move, and let these language learning tutorials guide you every step of the way.

Travel Mandarin Language Course - Recorded Video Lessons

The Travel Mandarin language course incorporates practical language skills within real-life contexts, utilizing video scripts as teaching aids to enhance listening and speaking abilities. These tutorials are ideal for Chinese learners at the elementary and intermediate levels, as well as those interested in Chinese culture and customs who wish to study the language independently. The video script series consists of a digital textbook and 16 units, accompanied by video tutorials.

Key Features of the Travel Mandarin Language Course
This course offers a comprehensive view of real-life situations in China, gradually progressing from basic language usage to more advanced communication skills. The video tutorials take you on a visual journey to over 20 picturesque tourist destinations and historical sites across nine provinces in China. With detailed English instructions, beginners and self-learners will receive friendly and supportive guidance. The course combines rich cultural knowledge and background information with authentic and engaging daily Chinese expressions.

Reasons to Choose Our Training

  • Certificate Opportunity:
    Practice Chinese language skills for the Chinese certificate examination through seminars, online courses, and communicative activities.
  • Tailor-Made Course:
    Learn specific Chinese language skills for everyday practice, customized to your goals and proficiency level.
  • Blended Learning Solution:
    Flexible learning options combining face-to-face tutoring, online resources, and a dynamic learning environment.
  • New Job Opportunity:
    Expand your Chinese network, explore the tourism industry, and unlock new job prospects.
  • Learning Process:
    Easy access to resources, personalized live online instruction, and a vibrant Chinese-speaking community.

How does the learning work?

Easy platform with resources, dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, exercise, videos
Professional native Chinese teachers conduct lessons via skype at your comfort home
Experienced licensed native Chinese teachers, Real time, Real people!
1-on-1 Live online instruction, customized at your own level, pace and style
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Live audio and video using instant messaging tools
Join our Chinese speaking community, active learners, passionate lively conversation

Our lessons are available 24/7, allowing you to easily fit them into your schedule. You can make consistent progress in Mandarin, and the learning process is remarkably smooth. By dedicating just 30 to 50 minutes per day to studying the Chinese language, you will find it rewarding. Our lessons are situational and designed to make learning enjoyable!