Overview to the Opening ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Another sports site of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the night view of the Capital steel works

Opening ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Opening overview

Opening ceremony duration: about 100 minutes
Actor scale: about 3000 people.
Start time: 20:00 Beijing time, February 4, 2022.
Venue: National Stadium “bird’s nest”
Warm up session: it lasts about 30 minutes. There is no host. The protagonist is the square dancer. The people participating in the performance are mainly from Beijing and Hebei
Main creative team of the opening ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games
General director: Zhang Yimou

Four programs

What going on Beijing Winter Olympic Games?

The first program is the countdown to the twenty-four Chinese solar terms. Spring is the beginning of Chinese lunar new year. The opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games coincides with the first day of the 24 solar terms – spring. The countdown performance is entitled “spring”: children blow away dandelions, white seeds fly into the air, and the fireworks appear over the sky of the bird’s nest stadium.

The second program is to hand down the Chinese national flag from hands to hands. The people who pass the flags are the ordinary people being chosen from the whole country to represent all 56 Chinese nationalities.

The third program is the water of the Yellow River pouring down from the sky. You can see a drop of ice blue ink falling from the sky, turning into the Yellow River, and pours down widely. The artistic conception is originated from the ancient Chinese poem “the water of the Yellow River comes up from the sky”.

The fourth program is the “five snow freezing rings” logo breaking through the crystal ice. There are six ice hockey players interacting with video screen. The creative idea is to let the ice hockey repeatedly heat the wall of the ice cube, then starting the process of “ice breaking”, gradually appearing the large logo, crystal clear ice and snow five rings. It represents one Chinese image, “ice breaking” means to break through the tough situation, to try to resolve some contradictions, to approach further understanding in the international communities. At the end of the opening ceremony, there are 44 Chinese children singing the Olympic Anthem in Greek, which shows Chinese people love the peace and willing to be cooperative with other nations.

Bird view of Beijing Water Cube Stadium

The environmental protection technology

How to pollution-free?

The Beijing Winter Olympics is the first large-scale sports event to use 5G signal high speed transmission, 8K technology for the live broadcast.
The environmental protection technology is applied to the Winter Olympics. In order to achieve zero carbon emission, the Olympic torch fuel use the pollution-free and zero carbon emission hydrogen. The fireworks amount sets off at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is only one tenth of that of the 2008 summer Olympic Games. In order to achieve the green environment, the fireworks only participated in two rehearsals, which helped to save 50% of the total fireworks.