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Fans Handicraft Class in Hangzhou

“我在杭州学手艺”之王星记制扇记 20日上午在王星记扇业博物馆,来自俄罗斯的Bakhramov Sher和来自土耳其的Hasan两位国际学徒跟着王星记导师孙亚青开启了一段非遗传承的“访问点扇艺体验之旅”!不仅学习了王星记历史、传统扇子制作工艺、非遗制扇“拉花”技艺、扇面绘画技艺,还打造了带着自己印记的王星记纸扇,过程十分有趣,快来看看吧!

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Reasons more international students choose to study in China

China is fast turning into an attractive destination for global college students, and joint-venture schools are broadening college students’ alternatives. China is rapidly turning into a main participant in the higher education. Some of state investors and funding boosts have assisted to secure China as an appealing destination for international college students and this tendency…

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China Visa Support

China Visa Support International (non-immigrant) students coming from abroad are required to have valid visas to enter China to learn mandarin. Most international students enrolling in our Chinese language program will obtain a X1, X2 student visa or L travel visa for 30 days. XMU will issue the documentation necessary to help you obtain the…

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