Degree Program

Our bachelor degree programs  in Xia'Men University are designed for non-native Chinese speakers at ages of 18-60 years old. The candidates are required to be High school graduate or above. The Chinese beginners can start from freshmen. For candidates who holds HSK 5 certificate (≥180 points), they can join the 3rd year directly. The length of study is 2 to 4 years. There is a total of 136 credits, splitting as 76 credits during 1st & 2nd years and another 60 credits during 3rd & 4th years. Internship: 3 credits; Thesis: 6 credits

Chinese language learning courses

Chinese Language Course

Chinese Language, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Reading Comprehension at three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced

Business Chinese

Basic Principles of Economics, Practices of International Trade, Currency and Banking, International Trade, International Finance, Marketing, Management: a total of 24 credits

Chinese Culture

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture, Ancient Chinese Literature, Communication of Chinese and Foreign Culture, Chinese Grammar:a total of 11 credits

Optional Courses

Optional courses are based on personal preferences, Culture, calligraphy, paper cutting, Kung Fu or Chinese painting as well as language practice.

Chinese Education (TCFL)

Modern Chinese, Theory and Method of Teaching Chinese as the Second Foreign Language, Educational Psychology: a total of 11 credits

Method of Study

Student-focused teaching, Online course software, video classroom, group work, Q&A, discussion makes it possible for you to freely arrange the learning time and place at your own pace.

xiamen university campus


Two Periods of study:

P1 (1st & 2nd years) for elementary & intermediate Chinese language study

P2 (3rd & 4th years) for advanced Chinese study plus major courses in three different tracks.

Tracks (3rd & 4th years): Business Chinese, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), Chinese culture




Placement test At the beginning of the semesters, there is placement test for new students. Beginners have oral tests and those of intermediate & advanced levels should have written examinations besides oral tests. All new students will be assigned to classes that are suitable for their levels based on the results of the placement tests.

Third-year-undergraduate entrance exam is for potential undergraduate Chinese students, who are willing to join the third year of the undergraduate Chinese but not having HSK 4-240/5-180 temporarily, which is held by OEC in June and September. Those who pass the exam should also achieve the certificate of HSK of the required levels in the next two years, without which they will not be able to graduate.

Mid-term examinations are for the compulsory courses and usually taken in the 9/10th week of the 18-week-long semester. The result of the mid-term examination accounts for 30% of the total scores of the course.

Final examination is for all courses. The usually time of the final examination for optional courses is in the 17th week of the semester and the compulsory courses are in the 18th. Those with low attendance rates of a certain course are not allowed to take the final examination of the course, minimum 60% for non-degreed students and 66.7% for undergraduate students. The result of the final examination accounts for 40% of the total scores of the course.

Chinese Language Learning Application Process...


Tuition and other costs: Students are required to prepay nonrefundable registration fee 100 US$ when submitting the application. Prices are shown in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without prior notice. Students are required to pay in RMB after arrival in XMU. You may incur additional expenses not listed here. A laptop computer is strongly recommended. Every student must have at least an iPod or laptop to listen to the audio recordings that accompany the textbook.


          Application requirements:

  • High school graduates or above, healthy, over 18 years old
  • Suitable Applicants: Beginners with little Chinese language background. Students whose Chinese levels are too advanced for this class can apply to join the regular long-term Chinese program.
  • A minimum enrollment of 15 students (Chinese level beginner).

Step-by-Step Application Process

  • Our team reviews and processes your application
  • XMU will send your invitation letter to you
  • Use your invitation letter to apply for a visa
  • Interview for a travel visa in Chinese embassy in your country
  • XMU sends you Pre-Departure Materials
  • Purchase your flights
  • Depart for Xia Men City China !

Full or Partial Scholarships Application

We’d like to offer the non-Chinese-citizen candidates to apply for the scholarship to study in XMU. Applicants are required to make online application, download, print and sign the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship. Applicants shall send the required application documents to their local Chinese embassies or consulates (Education Division) or their dispatching authorities by the indicated deadline. China Scholarship Council will censor the candidates for the scholarship and then forward the qualified applications to relevant institutions for admission decision. Click to read more detailed application information.

For students who need partial tuition support, please submit your request by your right hand email.

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