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Chinese music -guzheng

Chinese Music

Guzheng, also called guqin or seven-stringed Qin or Zither, is a plucked musical instrument usually placed on a table. It is said that the history of guzheng dates back to the prehistorical times of ancient China.
In August 1977, when the spacecraft Voyager was launched to the wildernesses of space in search of extra-solar intelligence, it brought with it a CD of the guzheng music “Flowing water”.
In 2003, the music of guzheng was proclaimed one of the UNESCO masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

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How popular is Chinese Music – Guzheng?

how popular is Chinese music

As the pace of life gets faster each day, guzheng is not only a facilitator to self-cultivation, but also a way for modern people to relax and adjust the pace of life.
Background Chinese music for therapy massage and SPA
Background Chinese music for Asian style restaurants
Relaxing background Chinese music for bars
Relaxing Chinese music for Meditation
Music for depression and anxiety healing
Chinese guzheng Music for Yoga

how to learn Chinese music

How to learn Chinese music – Guzheng ?

You may choose 1-on-1 tutoring online or go to the training Class in China.
There are Chinese training music programs designed for international students and learners.
Individuals who wants to improve self-cultivation
Individuals who wants to learn musical skills
Summer programs to explore the traditional Chinese culture
Children and parents family tour to explore ancient history of China

Chinese Music Teachers Introduction

Guzheng Training Center

Teacher Name: A Zhe
City: Fuzhou China
Music : Loop Station
改编:阿哲 编曲:刘乐
WeChat Inquiry 18906937669

chinese music training class

Chinese music Guzheng Training & Performance

上海自得琴社 古琴白无瑕

City: Shanghai China
Composer :菊池俊辅
Guqin player:白无瑕 /蔡珊
竹笛:屠化冰 巫毒鼓:陈曦
小打:叶力嘉 表演:殷屹浩楠

where to buy Chinese music

Where to buy Guzheng?

You may choose guzheng instruments based on different sizes and prices. Easy carrying guzheng instruments are better for international travelers.

where to download Chinese music

Where to download Chinese music free?

Subscribe us for a collection of Chinese Guzheng music.

You may download the music play list free from the links below :
Are you looking for a guzheng music playlist ?
Guqin music for depression and anxiety healing, Yoga Music, Relaxing Music, Calming Music, Stress Relief Music, Peaceful Music, Beautiful Spa Music, Relaxing Music for Meditation, Yoga Music, Massage Music, Asian Style Relaxing Bar Music

1. 流行古筝曲:《知否知否》
2. 丁雪儿古筝曲:《左手指月》
3. 流行古筝曲:《暗香》
4. 流行古筝曲:《不染》
5. 流行古筝曲:《初梦谣》
6. 流行古筝曲:《独上西楼》
7. 流行古筝曲:《奉献》
8. 流行古筝曲:《何日君再来》
9. 流行古筝曲:《兰若仙踪》
10. 流行古筝曲:《你怎么说》