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Where is Kanas lake national park?

Kanas Lake- attractive scenery of your next China travel destination

Kanas Lake, 喀纳斯湖,also known as Hanas lake, is a famous freshwater lake in the north of Buerjin County, Altay region, Xinjiang, China. It is located in the Altay Mountains, with an area of 46 square kilometers, an average water depth of 120 meters. The shape is crescent, which is supposed to be formed by the strong movement of ancient glaciers blocking the valley water. The lake is a national 5A scenic spot in China with beautiful scenery and lush forest around. The main residents are Tuwa people.

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Why come to Kanas lake national park?

Kanas lake is on the top list of the most beautiful sceneries in China

but there are few people to visit. Because its location lies deep in the Altay Mountains on the border of China, far away from the mainland of large Chinese population.
Up to now, it has maintained its original ecological style. There are more than 20 kinds of national protected wild animals in the lake area.
Best season to travel to Kanas is Sep. and Oct every year. Please take a look at the scenery during the peak time of the travel season.
Kanas Lake is the only Arctic water system in China. The lake water comes from the glacial melt water. The Kanas Lake area is 2100m above sea level.
If you come in fall and winter, the view is full of snow everywhere in Kanas. The winter is long with abundant snowfall, and frost usually appears at the beginning of August. The snowfall period lasts about 8 months, the snow depth can reach 1-2 meters, the snowfall days are generally more than 73 days, and the stable snow period is about 200 days.
The lake is dominated by freshwater fish suitable in cold water.
There are about 2000 Tuva people living in Kanas Lake area. Tuwa people are one of the ancient nomadic peoples in northern China, They speak Tuva language, similar to Kazakh language. They live by grazing and hunting and follow the traditional way of ancient life. Now there are only three Tuva villages in the area.

Kanas Lake Park Touring Guide Video

How come to Kanas lake national park?

Let us meet at Urumuqi XinJiang Province

You may departure from the major cities of China to Urumuqi by flights. There are several group tours opening to the individuals and groups. The regular price ranges from 1200 USD to 1500 USD per person. The travel agencies may help you arrange all connections of flights, bus pickup and back to the airport. Because the journey is too far and it is time saving and economical to join a group travel comparing to traveling alone.
Starting from Feb. 2020, the covid19 pandemic makes the international travel difficult and much less than before. Hopefully my video will give you some guide for your next travel in the future. Please enjoy the scenery together with my video. If you have any questions to plan your China travel, please drop me a line, I am happy to provide more touring guide.