Why to go to the virtual 132th Canton Fair?

Four reasons to go to the virtual 132th Canton Fair

Canton Fair – from Oct. 15. to 25. 2022

A. Money saving. Expensive travel cost, international flights, hotels, transportation, meals and city tours cost.
B.Time-saving, if your busy schedules prevented you to come to China, the virtual fair could be a time-saving opportunity.
C.Market research opportunity, there are 34744 booths online participating the virtual fair, it is the largest trade show twice a year in China. Take your time to know more of Chinese manufacturers and trading companies.
D.Seize the opportunity to sell your products to China. Canton Fair is both import and export exhibition, there is an international Pavilion, where are 416 international companies to show their products, exporting to China. Let alone that it is free to present your products on the virtual canton fair.

Why to go to China Virtual Canton Fair?

The virtual 132th Canton Fair

8 Shows and Products category

1.Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances
2.Building & Home Decor
3.Industrial Manufacturing
Hardware & Tools
5.Household Items & Consumer Goods
6.Fashion Life
7.Health & Recreation
8.Trade Services
9.International Pavilion

1.The Virtual Canton Fair time
First session 10 days Oct. 15, 2022 to Oct. 25
Second session 5 months extended
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4.8 Shows /Products category
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How to register and set up your profile?
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