Xiamen University China Campus

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Xiamen University China Campus

Xiamen University Chinese: 厦门大学; pinyin: Xiàmén Dàxué, colloquially known as Xia Da (Chinese: 厦大) in Mandarin Chinese. It is a public research university in Xiamen, Fujian, China. It is established in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee. Tan was an overseas Chinese businessman. He donated millions of dollars to build Amoy University in the city of Amoy. Its old name is Xiamen. You can see the statue of Mr. Tan Kah Kee, at the gate entrance of the university.

The university is ranked as one of the top academic institutions in Southern China. It is famous for the strong majors and courses, such as, economics and management, fine arts, law, chemistry, journalism, communication, and mathematics.

Xiamen University China Campus

Main campus and three branch campuses

Today, Xiamen University hosts over 40,000 students on its four campuses. There are four campuses. The first is the main campus in Xiamen island. The second campus is in Xiangan Xiamen. The third one is in Zhangzhou. The fourth one is in Malaysia. The Xiamen University Malaysia Campus was established in 2015. Xiamen University began operations at its Xiang’an Campus in 2012.

Main campus and branch campuses
The main campus of Xiamen University is located in the Siming District in Xiamen. It is situated at the foothills, facing the ocean and surrounded by Xiamen’s bay. The main campus is a tourist attraction. Xiamen university main campus is famous for its beautiful scenery. There are rare school campuses, where to find beach, mountain valley, lake, and tropical island in one campus.

Summer Program in XiaMen University

Four Campuses of XiaMen University

Xiamen university has established 16 Confucius Institutes with global partners in 13 countries. The university provides summer programs. The school encourages the international students to come to learn mandarin language and Chinese culture.

The Xiamen University Malaysia campus, “XMU Malaysia”, was established in 2015. It is a branch of Xiamen University. It maintains close ties with the main campus, although it functions as its own university and has its own admissions office.