HSK标准汉语 HSK Standard Course 3



HSK Test Prep Lessons Level 3
This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who can ask and answer questions and exchange ideas and information on routine topics in predictable everyday situations. You will acquire 600 Chinese characters and master HSK Level 3 related grammar. After completion of the lessons, you will be ready to take HSK test level 3. You can use Chinese to serve the demands of your personal lives, studies and work, and are capable of completing most of the communicative tasks you experience when traveling in China.

Module 1 Unit 1-5
Unit 1 What is your plan for the weekend?  - Preview
Unit 2 When will he come back
Unit 3 There are plenty of drinks on the table
Unit 4 She always smiles when talking to customers
Unit 5 I am getting fatter and fatter lately
Module 2 Unit 6-10
Unit 1 Why are they suddenly missing
Unit 2 I have known her for five years
Unit 3 I will go wherever you go
Unit 4 She speaks Chinese like a native
Unit 5 Maths is much harder than history
Module 3 Unit 11-15
Unit 1 Don't forget to turn of the air conditioner
Unit 2 Leave the important items with me
Unit 3 I walked back
Unit 4 Please bring the fruit here
Unit 5 The rest of them are all OK
Module 4 Unit 16-20
Unit 1 I am so tired that I want to do nothing but sleep after work
Unit 2 Everybody is able to cure your "disease"
Unit 3 I believe they'll agree
Unit 4 Didn't you recognise him
Unit 5 I've been influenced by him