Chinese Language Programs

Chinese Sources is an educational organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Chinese culture, language, arts and crafts. As a professional learning platform, we offer custom-made courses and programs to help expats learn traditional Chinese ceramic art techniques, Chinese language, calligraphy and painting, martial arts, and more. Our Chinese language programs provide access to all the resources of JingDeZhen, the ceramics capital of China. Chinese culture is one of friendliness, love of peace and harmony.... provides visa application support as long as you choose any one of Chinese Language Programs :

HSK Test Preparation Courses
Chinese Tutorials Course
Practical Chinese conversations in travel situation
Business Chinese Program
Teen Chinese Summer Camp
Teen Chinese Winter Camp
Chinese Kungfu Tour 2024
Gap Year in China
Practical Chinese Grammar
Mandarin for Touring Business
Survival Mandarin Tutorials
Chinese Calligraphy Class

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