Improve Mandarin by Reading Poems

Improve Mandarin by Reading Poems Reading Chinese Tang poetry gives you a window into how they use Mandarin language to express themselves. And, taking some time to choose several of the Tang poems 300 collection, it’s a great opportunity to improve your pool of vocabulary too. In my view, the poetry is a wonderful treasury…

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Chinese Audio Reading

Chinese Audio Reading Chinese Audio reading is an individual reading activity where Chinese learners read along on our website as they hear a fluent audio playing the Chinese content on an audio recording online. This is an assisting self-study period to help students develop confidence and reading skills to the Chinese passages, essays or stories…

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Learn Chinese by Listening Idiom Stories

Learn Chinese by Listening to 12 useful Chinese idioms Storytelling is a same tradition around the world, and chances are you’ve been asking to hear stories and telling your own stories ever since you learned to speak. Just as listening to stories is one of the main ways we learn our mother language as children,…

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