HSK Test Prep Course Level 1. 新汉语水平考试应试指导与模拟题1

HSK level1

HSK level1

Our HSK Training Prep Course Will Help You Get the HSK Test Score You Need

As you may know, the Chinese Proficiency Test or the HSK is the standard for assessing your Chinese language competence. In other words, how well can you communicate in Chinese?

When you receive a satisfactory score on this test, you’ll be able to share your score on your CV and receive recognition of excellence. If you’re a student, a successful score may mean you receive academic credits. Employers look to this score for recruitment, training, and promotion.

Since your future training and employment depends on how well you do, it’s essential you perform your best.

The HSK test has been recently revamped with an emphasis on conversational Chinese. After all, the ability to communicate is the foundation of working with others in any language.

These HSK test prep courses is built around the concept of teaching you to communicate in Chinese. Each course has approved textbooks, videos, 1:1 language tutoring and even a lively Chinese conversation forum where you can practice your skills.

From Beginner to Advanced, there’s a test prep course that’s right for you and each comes with a digital textbook. Plus, our easy-to-use system is available 24/7 so you can fit it into your busy schedule. There’s even individual instruction and a Mandarin speaking community so you can practice speaking and understanding in real time.

Let’s explore the 6 different course levels.

HSK Level 1. Beginner
This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who have no or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not know basic Chinese words and phrases.

This is the place to start if you’re new to learning Chinese.

When you complete this course, you’ll have acquired 150 basic Chinese characters and mastered the most basic HSK grammar. You can understand and use very simple Chinese words and phrases and meet the basic communication needs. After completion of the lessons, you will be ready to take HSK test level 1.

There are no modules in this training course.