Non copy right Asian Style Background Music

Non copy right Asian style background music – Part 1.

How to see if a song is copyrighted on YouTube?

How to avoid copyright on youtube?

Here is some copy-right free music, Asian style having being tested on my youtube channel.
By searching inside the youtube content id system, you can see if you could use a song and music in a video without a copyright issue against you. As the content id system only covered songs that have been added to the system, you still can have a copyright issue on your hands even if youtube says it’s okay. So how do you see if you can use a track on a youtube video now well? The first way I do is to upload my video and wait to see if it will pass the test. You can use my music track list here. Plkease remember you’re still not safe from a claim if the rights owners of a track hunt you down the second option and the one that really is the best option to keep you safe is to use music that has been released under a creative commons license. Another option is to get free tracks or review a few paid platforms. A final option is to approach the rights owners and the artists and ask if you can use their music. I mean the music industry isn’t exactly brimming with cash like it once was.

How to find out Asian style music to use it for your background music?

If you can’t afford a subscription, then check out this video here

The forcing innovation on all platforms has deals with record labels which allow them to use short music tracks from well-known artists. Youtube has just released a big update for musicians and artists to allow them to track the data of their songs from not just their own videos but other people who use their tracks too. It is a sign that they want to work more with the music industry, like Tik Tok. It can be an amazing way for the music industry to generate revenue and it would be great for creators to use well-known tracks too. Otherwise personally the next best
options you may consider are the paid platforms like sound stripe and artist io. Some people have asked us in the past for the names of tracks. They are famous artists because the quality is so high so that’s a solution to stay safe. If you can’t afford a subscription, then check out this video here, to get some free tracks to use right now, but not guarantee of keeping you safe in the future.

1. Ancient dancer – Chinese background music
2. Asian melody background music
3. Beauty – Chinese Guzheng background music
4. Ceremony – Chinese background music
5. Festival celebrating background music – Asian style
6. Gone, can’t let it go – background music
Part 2. Non copy right Asian style background music
7. Goodbye – Dizi Chinese music
8. Happy water village – Chinese style background music

9. Mongolia Wild Goose – Asian style music
10. Wisperer – Chinese GuZheng music
11. Psychal Calming – Background music
12. Quiet Lake – Background music
13. Raining Chinese background music
14. Window Landscape – background music