Ceramic Journey to JDZ China

Join us on a journey to JingDeZhen, China, and explore a place of stunning natural beauty where the Chinese have diligently passed down their art and culture for centuries. If you're passionate about ceramics, China is a destination you cannot afford to miss. Our exclusive China trip provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Chinese pottery alongside like-minded enthusiasts. Leave the travel planning to us and allow us to guide you through this multifaceted region with a thoughtfully designed itinerary.

WuYuan HuangLing Ancient Village

Optional tour extension in WuYuan

Yao Li Ancient Village

Optional tour extension in YaoLi

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Registration Process and Terms:

To inquire about the tour or to proceed with registration and payment, please get in touch with our JDZ Manager, Li Sheng, directly. Upon receipt of your initial payment, your spot on the tour will be secured. Additionally, you'll receive an email confirming your reservation along with a receipt.
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